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What is carotte serum?

What is carotte serum?

This lightening serum ultra-concentrated active, full and perfectly optimizes the anti-wrinkle. It moisturizes and boosts radiance. A herbal, carrot extract and vitamin E, it shows the brightness of your skin in record time and makes it much more smooth, soft and perfect. After use your skin gets a new-like appearance.

Which Francoise Bedon is the best for dark skin?

Francoise Bedon has been collected in the Mediterranean Banks, in one of the most luxurious breeding. LUXURIOUS Professor Francoise Bedon CAVIAR Body Lotion, specially adapted to black and half-caste skins, contains 100% natural plants.

Does Pr Francoise Bedon have hydroquinone?

Answer: No it does not have hydroquinone.

Who is Pr Francoise Bedon?

Pr. Francoise Bedon is the expert professional brand issues of Advanced Laboratories Research for a feeling healthy, fresh and natural.

Does Francoise Bedon lighten skin?

PR Francoise Bedon Carrot Lightening Body Lotion works as a body moisturizer and a lightening regimen. Made from 100% natural plants extracts and carrot oil, this body lotion moisturizes without clogging pores and regenerates the skin cells, repairing and reducing the appearance of dry skin, winkles and stretch marks.

Is Francoise Bedon good for black skin?

The Professor Francoise Bedon EXCELLENCE body lotion, is especially adapted to black and half-caste skins, is performed by its 100% natural plants and vegetable oils. This formula treats and helps to eliminate scars and marks like cause by pregnancy, age or sun exposure.

Can I use QEI+ serum on my face?

Answer: Yes, this lotion can be used on the face.

Is Qei good for dark skin?

Why is QEI+ Lightening Body lotion effective? This is a natural skin lightening cream for the body and an effective moisturizing cream. It is specially formulated for black skin, dark skin or ethnic skin that are often prone to pigmentation problems.

How do you use Qei serum?

It is very active against hyper-pigmentation marks, to even the complexion in an efficient and lasting way. USE:For an optimal result, use once a day by adding serum to Lotion or to Glycerine Pure Active Efficacite.

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