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What is corruption in Dawn of War 2?

What is corruption in Dawn of War 2?

Corruption and Redemption are new campaign mechanics introduced in Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. An increase in Corruption points unlocks new abilities and allows the use of Corrupted equipment, much more powerful than normal items.

Is Dawn of War 2 canon?

The canonical ending of Dawn of War II – Retribution is the same as the Blood Ravens Space Marine ending. The evidence for this comes from the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine video game.

What is the corruption system in Dawn of War II?

New to Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is the Corruption System. In the campaign there are often multiple objectives which will complete a mission; depending on which one a player chooses to complete, they will become more or less corrupted.

What is the morality gauge in Chaos Rising?

Welcome to this guide to the Morality Gauge in Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. This will give you a comprehensive guide not just to the Corruption & Redemption mechanics other guides give, but also to each squad’s abilities at either end of the scale. Everyone except Davian Thule has a Morality gauge that indicates what kind of guy they are.

What is dawn of War II-Retribution?

At the time of my purchase and writing of this game guide, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution is due to be released. The single-player or co-op campaign has the player (s) commanding [HERO]-type units with no resources to manage but are able to replenish squads via a relay beacon or captured structure.

How to upgrade wargear in Chaos Rising?

After importing a completed Dawn of War campaign and finishing the (1st) Chaos Rising mission, you are given a ONE-TIME-ONLY opportunity to redistribute combat discipline points to fashion a new Trait Build. 3. The Librarium now has an added feature to upgrade Wargear by donating it.

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