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What is Data General Nova used for?

What is Data General Nova used for?

The Data General Nova was a popular 16-bit minicomputer built by the US company Data General starting in 1968. The Nova packed enough power to do most simple computing tasks into a single rack mount case, and became hugely popular in science labs around the world. Eventually 50,000 would be sold.

What is a Nova computer?

The Data General Nova is a series of 16-bit minicomputers released by the American company Data General. The Nova was packaged into a single 3U rack-mount case and had enough computing power to handle most simple tasks. The Nova became popular in science laboratories around the world.

Is Data General still in business?

Combined with Data General RDOS (DG/RDOS) and programming languages like Data General Business Basic, Novas provided a multi-user platform far ahead of many contemporary systems….Data General.

Headquarters in Westboro, Massachusetts, 1981
Industry Computer
Founded 1968
Defunct 1999
Fate Acquired

Who bought Data General?

Storage giant EMC says it will acquire systems maker Data General in a stock swap valued at $1.1 billion. EMC announced today it will buy Data General for $1.1 billion, or $19.58 share.

What happened to Wang Laboratories?

Wang Laboratories filed for bankruptcy protection in August 1992. After emerging from bankruptcy, the company eventually changed its name to Wang Global….Wang Laboratories.

Former Wang headquarters in Lowell, Massachusetts
Industry Computer hardware
Founded Cambridge, Massachusetts, US (1951)
Fate Acquired by Getronics

What happened Digital Equipment Corporation?

The official end of DEC as a standalone company came in 1998 when it was acquired by Compaq for $9.6 billion. Unfortunately, Compaq didn’t know what to do with DEC’s overseas business, and so it was inevitable that neither DEC nor Compaq would exist for much longer.

What operating system does Cuba use?

Nova is a Cuban state-sponsored Linux distribution launched in February 2009….Nova (operating system)

Nova 7.0
Developer University of Information Science
OS family Linux
Working state Active
Source model Closed source with some open-source components (5.0 and up)

Who bought out Wang Computers?

Wang Global, the latest incarnation of the former hardware maker, was acquired today by Dutch computer services firm Getronics for about $2 billion. The combined company will ditch the Wang nameplate in favor of Getronics, and will employ more than 33,000, according to chairman and CEO Joseph Tucci.

Why did Wang Laboratories fail?

A common view within the PC community is that Wang Labs failed because it specialized in computers designed specifically for word processing and did not foresee (and was unable to compete against) general-purpose personal computers with word processing software in the 1980s.

Why did December ultimately fail?

DEC identified a demand for more affordable and high-performing computing systems that could be used in scientific research and other technological settings. Most argue that it was a failure of the company’s leadership to adapt to the changing direction that computing began to take in the late 1980s.

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