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What is Displacement Tracking Matrix?

What is Displacement Tracking Matrix?

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) gathers and analyzes data to disseminate critical multi layered information on the mobility, vulnerabilities, and needs of displaced and mobile populations that enables decision makers and responders to provide these populations with better context specific assistance.

What DTM is Iraq?

Displacement Tracking Matrix
The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is an information management tool and IOM strives to inform all stakeholders on the whereabouts and the situation of the displaced population from the current crisis currently engulfing Iraq….IRAQ – IOM DTM (IDPs Data by Location in Iraq) – Baseline data.

Source International Organization for Migration
Location Iraq
Visibility Public

Who supplied weapons to Iraq?

Iraq’s three main suppliers of weaponry during the war were the Soviet Union followed by China and then France. It also acquired substantial arms from Portugal. The United States sold Iraq over $200 million in helicopters, which were used by the Iraqi military in the war.

Were there any chemical weapons in Iraq?

As part of Project 922, Iraq built chemical weapons facilities such as laboratories, bunkers, an administrative building, and first production buildings in the early 1980s under the cover of a pesticide plant. German firms sent 1,027 tons of precursors of mustard gas, sarin, tabun, and tear gasses in all.

What stage is Ethiopia DTM?

The figures demonstrate that Ethiopia is in the second stage of demographic transition known as the early transition which is characterized by falling death rates but relatively high birth rates the net effect being rapid population growth.

What is IOM stand for?


Acronym Definition
IOM International Organization for Migration
IOM Institute of Materials
IOM Institute of Marketing (UK)
IOM Institute of Occupational Medicine

What is DTM in IOM?

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) system is tracking and monitoring internally displaced populations. It captures; processes and disseminates information in order to provide a better understanding of the movements and evolving needs of displaced populations; either on site (e.g. camps) or en route.

How many IDP camps are there in Iraq?

Iraq is experiencing ongoing displacement, with around 200,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in formal camps and over 100,000 IDPs living in informal sites throughout the country.

Does Isis have tanks?

Tanks and armored fighting vehicles Captured from the armies of Iraq, Syria, and other factions such as SDF and FSA.

What chemical weapon did Saddam Hussein use?

Among several documents revealed during the trial of Saddam Hussein, one was a 1987 memo from Iraq’s military intelligence seeking permission from the president’s office to use mustard gas and the nerve agents sarin and tabun against Kurds.

Did Saddam ever use chemical weapons?

President Saddam Hussein (1937–2006) pursued the most extensive chemical program during the Iran–Iraq War (1980–1988), when he waged chemical warfare against his foe. He also used chemicals in 1988 in the Al-Anfal Campaign against his civilian Kurdish population and during a popular uprising in the south in 1991.

What is a risk matrix and how to use it?

For risk analysis that uses likelihood and severity in qualitative method, presenting result in a risk matrix is a very effective way of communicating the distribution of the risk throughout a plant and area in a workplace. Risk can be calculated using the following formula: L x S = Relative Risk L = Likelihood S = Severity

What is HIRARC?

Preface I n recent years, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) has become fundamental to the practice of planning, management and the operation of a business as a basic of risk management.

Who must complete the HIRARC form?

Ultimately, the individual or team who identified the hazard must ensure proper communication of the hazard to the appropriate workplace authority (manager, department head, or designated person). Each HIRARC must be fully documented. The HIRARC form must be completed by the HIRARC team and signed

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