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What is Ecofest?

What is Ecofest?

ECOFEST is a cultural and educational environmental festival, free to the public, that is organized and produced by the West Side Cultural Center in New York. In its twenty two year track record, ECOFEST has developed an unequaled base of public and private sector support and is a mainstay on the New York City calendar of events.

What are the top 10 eco-friendly festivals?

As its World Environment Day, we’ve put our list of Top 10 Eco-Friendly Festivals so you can party whilst protecting the environment: Festival lineup (2018): Diplo, Skrillex, Flume, Zhu The mecca of progressive ideologies at festivals, Burning Man has strictly abided by ten principles since 1986, one of them being ‘leave no trace’.

What is the sustainability Festival?

At its heart a FREE festival organised by local volunteers for our community to come together, be entertained, take part in and discover new ways of doing things more sustainably. Be inspired, learn, network and discover how we can create positive social environmental change by consuming products and services differently.

Why is Glastonbury Festival so important to the environment?

The mother of all conservationists music festivals, Glastonbury Festival has seen millions of festival-goers trample through Worthy Farm throughout its 49-year history and strives to highlight both recent and relevant environmental issues each year.

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