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What is HP image transfer kit?

What is HP image transfer kit?

The HP Color LaserJet Image Transfer Kit is engineered to consistently deliver high-quality prints. This laser printer image transfer kit comes with a second generation spherical chemically grown toner for error-free output and bright, vibrant colors.

How do I reset my printer ITB?

Now you can reset the New Transfer Kit setting At the control Panel, press the Home button. Open the “Administration” menu, then choose “Manage Supplies”. Select the “Rest Supplies” option, and then choose “New Transfer Kit.” Use the Down Arrow button to highlight the word “Yes”, and then press Ok to select it.

What is a printer transfer kit?

The transfer kit is a printer part that has a black polymer belt which carries the CMYK color toner and transfers the particles from the cartridge uniformly onto the paper.

What is an image transfer belt?

What Is A Transfer Belt? It is a rotating belt that is typically large which carries the mixture of different colors of toner particles. Color laser printers use the CMYK color combination. This means a color laser-class printer will typically have 4 toner cartridges.

How do I reset my HP CP4525?

Press the “home” button. Press the “down arrow” button to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE and select “ok” Pres the “down arrow” button to highlight the RESET menu and press “ok” Press the “down arrow” button to highlight RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS and then press “ok”

How do you reset the fuser on a HP CP4525?

HP Color LaserJet CP4525 reset the fuser page count Basically all you must do is install a replacement fuser from us, then turn on your printer, and the power-on process will automatically reset the page count for you.

What printer has a transfer belt?

Color laser printers
Color laser printers have a more complex printing process which enables them to produce precise prints without color fringing or streaking on the edges of the colored regions. Some color laser-class printers use a rotating belt called a “transfer belt” to further color registration accuracy.

Does the HP LaserJet cp4525 Transfer Kit need to be replaced?

I have a HP LaserJet Cp4525 that needed to have its Transfer kit replaced and when I replaced it, it still states that the transfer kit needs to be replaced. When the fuser was replaced on this unit, it automatically reset the count, but did not do so for the transfer kit.

How do I change service mode on a HP LaserJet cp4525?

Press the right side of the MENU key, then press the SELECT key. You will enter SERVICE MODE after the normal test completes. Press the MENU button until the RESETS MENU is displayed. Press the ITEM button until TRANSFER KIT SELECT IF DONE is displayed. Press the SELECT button. None of these steps work on a HP LaserJet Cp4525.

How do I make sure my Transfer Kit fits?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Transfer kit includes transfer belt, secondary transfer roller, 8 feed/separation rollers and 1 multipurpose tray pickup roller

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