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What is IRPs?

What is IRPs?

Gold Patrons Co-Sponsored By Homel Programl Call for Papersl Speaker Infol Registrationl Patrons/Exhibitorsl Pressl Aboutl Contacts IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) is the premiere conference for engineers and scientists to present new and original work in the area of microelectronics reliability.

What is an IRP research team?

An IRP research team consists of subject matter expert faculty members and select resident students who engage in strategic research and analysis on each issue.

How do I contact the IRP program at USAWC?

For more information about any of the current IRP efforts listed above, please contact the faulty lead. For questions about the IRP program at USAWC, contact the Director, Strategic Research and Analysis Department of SSI, COL George Shatzer, at: [email protected]

How do I join an IRP team?

USAWC Resident Students – Contact your seminar faculty advisors if you are interested in joining an IRP team. Students receive full graduation credit for their capstone research requirement by participating in an IRP. Depending on the scope of the IRP, resident students may also earn elective credits and special designations for their transcripts.

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