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What is it called when you dance with glow sticks?

What is it called when you dance with glow sticks?

Glowsticking is a form of dance where the performer uses glow sticks, or LED sticks to enhance their performance.

When were glow sticks invented?

Glow sticks were developed in the 1960’s by a chemist named Edwin Chandross working under government contract for Bell Labs. He developed glowsticks to explain the process of chemicals emitting intense light without giving off heat (chemiluminescence).

What is the otaku dance?

Wotagei is an abbreviation of “Wotaku no gei” which means “The art of Otaku,” and it is where they use glow sticks known as cyalume (or “psyllium”) and perform an intense dance. But recently it’s become not only a performance done by otaku, but is something becoming recognized as the “Cyalume Dance.”

Who invented the glowstick?

Dr. Edwin Chandross
With this original purpose expanded, we now see the same devices being used at concerts and worn by costumed elementary schoolers. Even the inventor of the contemporary glow stick, Dr. Edwin Chandross, was surprised by their recreational popularity.

Who owns glowstick entertainment?

Vince Livings
Glowstick Entertainment was originally founded by Vince Livings and Mark Henderson as Glowstick Games. They released the pre-alpha demo of Dark Deception in March of 2014 and was developed in Unity.

How do you get to Wotagei?

Extend your right arm out to your side, followed by your left. Rotate your hands inwards once then swing both arms around in a circular motion two times stopping mid air, diagonally to your left. Drop your right arm down to your right knee, tapping your shoulder as you go down and then do the same with your left arm.

What is the Indian stick dance?

Dandiya is a traditional Indian stick dance that has become very popular among Indian and Indian expatriate communities, especially at American universities. It is often danced by men and women moving in circles, with partners striking each other’s sticks while dancing. …

Where does Tinikling came from?

the Philippines
According to historical accounts, the Tinikling dance originated during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines—particularly on the island of Leyte. Rice farmers on the Visayan Islands usually set up bamboo traps to protect their fields, yet tikling birds dodged their traps.

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