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What is Johnny Whitworth doing now?

What is Johnny Whitworth doing now?

He quit acting after his first few movies, but then made a comeback in 1997s The Rainmaker. He currently has a recurring role on the CBS crime drama CSI: Miami, where he plays bad-boy Detective Jake Berkeley, a love interest of Calleigh Duquesne.

Who played the president’s son in the 100?

Johnny Whitworth is an American actor. Born on October 31, in Charleston, SC. .

Who plays Jake Berkeley?

Johnny WhitworthJake Berkeley / Played by

Who played cage Wallace?

Johnny WhitworthCage Wallace / Played by

What happened to Jake on CSI Miami?

Jake Berkeley is an undercover officer with the MDPD narcotics unit who first appears in Going Under. As of the episode Internal Affairs, he has moved to being a homicide detective.

Where was Empire Records movie filmed?

WILMINGTON—The ’90s cult classic “Empire Records” was filmed in downtown Wilmington, and now you can watch it right in the same spot that hosted the coming of age flick. Rebellion NC, formerly Buzz’s Roost, served as a set in 1995 for the film, which features Liv Tyler, Renée Zellweger, Ethan Embry and more.

Who woke up Jordan in The 100?

But they were confused as to why they were the only ones revived. Enter Jordan, a 27-year-old kid they’d never met before, who woke them up first on Monty’s orders. He was excited to meet them – he had never met anyone before, besides his parents: Monty and Harper.

Do Harper and Monty have children?

Harper and Monty sleep together for the first time in Red Sky at Morning. However, in DNR, Monty told Harper that he loved her, but she never said it back until The Other Side. In Season Five they had a son together, Jordan Green.

Who played PK in Party of Five?

Johnny Whitworth
“Party of Five” Fathers and Sons (TV Episode 1994) – Johnny Whitworth as P.K.

What happened to Jake from CSI Miami?

Who plays Kage in the 100?

Henry Ian Cusick portrayed Marcus Kane in the CW’s The 100. He was part of the main cast from Season One to Season Six. He also directed two episodes for the series.

Who kills cage?

When Cage tries to give Lincoln the Red Drug that he gave him earlier in the season. But Lincoln swings his sword and cuts Cage’s hand off. He then proceeds to inject Cage with the Red Drug. He later dies from blood loss.

How old is James Whitmore?

Born on October 1, 1921, in White Plains, New York, gruff veteran character actor James Whitmore earned early and widespread respect with his award-winning dramatic capabilities on Broadway and in films. He would later conquer TV with the same trophy-winning results. The son of James Allen Whitmore and Florence Crane, he was educated at…

How old is Johnny Whitworth?

Johnny Whitworth is an American actor. Born on October 31, in Charleston, SC.. Whitworth studied acting and performed in various productions throughout the south until at the age of 15, when he moved to Los Angeles from Dallas, Texas to pursue his acting career professionally.

How many awards did James Whitmore win?

James Allen Whitmore Jr. (October 1, 1921 – February 6, 2009) was an American actor. He received numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Tony Award; Also including two Academy Award nominations.

What kind of movies did Bill Whitmore appear in?

In 2002, Whitmore played the role of the grandfather in the Disney Channel original film A Ring of Endless Light. Also in 2002, Whitmore played a supporting role in The Majestic, a film that starred Jim Carrey.

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