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What is Mangu Azande?

What is Mangu Azande?

Among the Azande, witchcraft, or mangu, is believed to be an inherited black fluid in the belly which leads a fairly autonomous existence, and has power to perform bad magic on one’s enemies.

What are the functions of Azande witchcraft?

The belief in witchcraft is present in every aspect of Zande society. They believe it is a power that can only be passed on from a parent to their child. To the Azande, a witch uses witchcraft when he has hatred towards another person. Witchcraft can also manipulate nature to bring harm upon the victim of the witch.

What is Benge according to the Azande?

Benge is the ‘Poison Oracle’ used by the Azande of Central Africa, mainly in Southern Sudan, in which a decision is determined by whether or not a fowl survives being administered a poison. The outcome of the oracle can be taken as law in certain circumstances when a Zande Chief is present.

Where do the Azande live?

The Azande people live in a large area in the center of Africa, in the southwestern Sudan, north of Zaire and to the east of the Central African Republic.

How do the Azande make a living?

Industrial. The Zande have long been known as expert blacksmiths, potters, and wood carvers; many of their techniques were borrowed from the Mangbetu. A few smiths still operate as nearly full-time specialists, but most of their work consists of repairing blades and tools; iron smelting has ceased.

What is the witchcraft craze?

The European witch craze of the 14th to 17th centuries was a unique historical combination of accusations against people, especially women, of whom the overwhelming majority were probably completely in- nocent, and the creation of a theological system in which witchcraft be- came a phenomenon of central importance.

What are used by the Azande to affirm and assert social rules?

o The Azande were organized into a number of chiefdoms, each of which was independent from the others. is not convincly portrayed by the Azande as a god analogous to the supreme being as found elsewhere. Trickster Tales. o The tales serve to assert and affirm social rules.

What sort of events did the Azande use witchcraft to explain?

By examining the context within which beliefs in witchcraft form, Evans-Pritchard explains how the beliefs coordinate with the Sudanese social structure. The Azande use witchcraft to explain unfortunate events, such as death.

What language do the Azande speak?

Zande, also called Azande, also spelled Asande, a people of Central Africa who speak a language of the Adamawa-Ubangi branch of the Niger-Congo language family.

Where was the Malleus Maleficarum written?

The Malleus Maleficarum was first published by Peter Drach in Speier, Germany, in 1487.

How is mbori portrayed in Azande?

Mbori is not convincingly portrayed by the Azande as a god analogous to the supreme being as found elsewhere. They have no shrines to Mbori and no materials used in worship. There is only one ceremony in which his name is invoked, and that is performed infrequently at best.

Who is mbori?

Mbori is defi ned by Evans-Pritchard (1937:11) as “a ghostly being to whom the creation of the world is attributed.” Missionaries and government officials writing about the Azande attempted to create out of Mbori a deity that would fi t

Do Azande circumcise their girls?

The Azande however don’t circumcise their girls. This circumcision of the boys has no relation with Islam. Azande believe in an all powerful supreme Being, Mbori. Mbori is defi ned by Evans-Pritchard (1937:11) as “a ghostly being to whom the creation of the world is attributed.”

Who are the Azande?

The Azande constituted a large Kingdom living peacefully as warriors in these three African countries without borders until their Kingdom was destroyed by the Belgian, French, Mahdist and finally the British in the context of the European scramble for Africa. This people prefer to call themselves Azande but outsiders call them Zande.

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