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What is Nick Swisher doing now?

What is Nick Swisher doing now?

What is Swisher doing now? In February 2017, Swisher joined FOX Sports as a studio analyst. He also contributes to MLB WHIPAROUND on FOX Sports 1 during the season and is a guest on FS1 daily studio shows, according to his bio on

Why did Nick Swisher leave the Yankees?

SAN DIEGO — Nick Swisher opted out of his Minor League contract with the Yankees on Saturday, announcing on his Facebook page that he will sit out the remainder of the season to spend time with his family. He has not ruled out playing next year.

Is Nick Swisher a Hall of Famer?

For the first time, former Indians’ Nick Swisher has found himself on the Hall of Fame ballot. Swisher played for the Tribe from 2013 to 2015. During his 12 year career Swisher also played for the New York Yankees, Oakland A’s, Atlanta Braves and the Chicago White Sox.

Where did Nick Swisher go to high school?

Parkersburg High School
The Ohio State University
Nick Swisher/Education

Swisher attended Parkersburg High School where he was a three-sport star, playing football and baseball, while lettering in basketball.

Who is Nick Swisher married to?

JoAnna Garcia Swisherm. 2010
Nick Swisher/Spouse

Does Nick Swisher have a brother?

Mark Swisher
Nick Swisher/Brothers

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