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What is Nilavanti book?

What is Nilavanti book?

निळावंती: एकअनसुलझा रहस्य: Nilavanti: The Unknown Mystry (Hindi Edition) eBook : आकाशराजनाथ: Books.

Which book is banned in India?

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Name of the book Author State
The Lotus and the Rama Arthur Koestler Nationwide
The Heart of India Alexander Campbell Nationwide ban
Captive Kashmir Aziz Beg Nationwide
Rama Retold or The Ramayana (American edn.) Aubrey Menen Nationwide

Is Twilight banned?

Meyer’s Twilight series entered the Office of Intellectual Freedom’s Top 10 Banned and Challenged Books in 2009. The YA vampire-romance saga ranked fifth on the list that year, with challengers citing the books’ religious viewpoint (Meyer is mormon), sexually explicit content, and age-inappropriateness.

How many books are there in India?

List of countries

Rank Country Titles
9 India 90,000
10 Spain 89,962
11 Germany 79,916
12 Turkey 75,667

Who is Nilavanti?

Nilavanti Granth is a book based on the tellings of a righteous housewife who acquired the knowledge of Vedas, Mathematics and especially the language of birds and animals. There are several groups of people trying to find the original manuscript and an equal number trying to make quick bucks through fake books.

Who Killed Gandhi book banned?

The book was banned for its negative portrayal of Gandhi. This book cannot be imported into India. The book and the movie based on it, both were banned in India. The book was thought to be justifying the actions of Nathuram Godse who murdered Gandhi.

What age is Twilight appropriate for?

Twilight/MPAA rating

Who wrote maximum books in India?

The record for getting the maximum number of books released by the state Governor in one day was set by Brunda Somaraj (born on May 28, 1972) of Kollam, Kerala.

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