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What is Obatala used for?

What is Obatala used for?

Obatala is Olodumare’s representative on Earth and the shaper of human beings. According to the oral traditions of Ife, the mortal Obatala was the founder of and the king of Ife during its classical period. His position as the King was challenged by Oduduwa who assumed leadership of the town for a brief moment.

Who are the santos in Santeria?

Santería can in short be described through its pantheon consisting of approximately 20 santos (deities). Each santo is responsible for an area of nature, and are also associated with certain human qualities. Olofi, who rules the pantheon, is a withdrawn god.

Who is Obatala Ayaguna?

Ayagunna is the youngest path, or avatar, of the undergod Obatala in the Lukumi (Santería) pantheon. In this manifestation, Obatala is a youth who battles with a scimitar. He is credited with having spread gunpowder throughout the world.

What is Obatala Obamoro?

Our church’s shrine for the orisha Obatala Obamoro. Obatalá (also spells Obbatala or Obatala) is the eldest of the orishas in Santeria and king of the religion in orun (heaven). He is also the father of many of the orishas and as such is given great respect and deference by the other orishas in matters of great importance.

What is Saint Obatalá known for?

He’s patient with his children and very loving toward them, but he must be respected and obeyed. Obatalá’s number is 8, and his Catholic counterpart is the Virgin of Mercy. His feast day is September 24. Some lineages say his day of the week is Thursday, and others say Sunday.

What is the oricha Obatalá?

He lives in a white porcelain sopera (soup tureen) kept on the altar of the home. Obatalá protects against blindness, paralysis and dementia. Orichas have different caminos or paths, meaning that the same Oricha can be manifested through different avatars. Obatalá can be either male or female, depending on his camino .

What are the offerings of Obatala?

Obatalá’s favorite offerings (adimú) are all those in which the color white predominates, therefore, they can be placed: fruits, including soursop, coconut, and yam. La cascarillaIt is also an element that represents the purity of Obatala and is widely used in their offerings.

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