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What is Phi Mu flower?

What is Phi Mu flower?

Symbols. Although Phi Mu has no official jewel, the fraternity recognizes official colors of rose, symbolizing womanhood, and white, symbolizing truth and purity. The official flower is the rose-colored carnation, while the symbol is a quatrefoil. Phi Mu’s official mascot is a lion named Sir Fidel.

How many chapters of Phi Mu are there?

Phi Mu/Chapters
There are 137 collegiate Phi Mu chapters, and all are unique! While each campus cultivates a different Phi Mu experience, every member shares a bond with her sisters in our values of love, honor and truth. Each month a chapter will be profiled to allow Phi Mu world to learn more about their sisters.

What are the symbols for Phi Mu?

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What does Phi Mu mean?

Phi Mu (ΦΜ) is the second oldest female fraternal organization established in the United States.. The fraternity was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia as the Philomathean Society on January 4, 1852, and was announced publicly on March 4 of the same year. Phi Mu is one of the two “Macon Magnolias,” a term used to celebrate the bonds it shares with Alpha Delta Pi as sororities

What is the Greek letter between Phi and Psi?

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What are Phi Mu colors?

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