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What is Qtel?

What is Qtel?

QTEL supports teachers’ development of expertise in providing students high challenge learning opportunities coupled with high support by offering services tailored to address the unique language assets facing individual classrooms and districts.

How do I connect to Qtel?

Once Qtel starts, click on the User Info tab, and enter in your info: If all is well with your internet, you should be presented with the Qtel main screen! Under the Conferences menu, double-click on *ECHOTEST* and then click Connect on the pop-up screen.

How do I open Qtel on a Raspberry Pi?

You should now see the Qtel icon when you click on the Raspberry in the top left corner, click on the Internet submenu, then open Qtel! AntiX Users: Click on Favorite Applications icon in lower left corner, Applications menu, Internet, Qtel

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