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What is RecoverPoint gen5?

What is RecoverPoint gen5?

RecoverPoint provides cost-effective local and remote intelligent network-based data protection and disaster recovery. Change product.

What is EMC RecoverPoint?

EMC RecoverPoint is a data protection solution that provides local, and remote continuous data protection, allowing for any point-in-time data recovery. In the event of data loss or corruption, data can be recovered across arrays and applications to a consistent state.

What is Dell EMC Vplex?

EMC VPLEX is a virtual computer data storage product introduced by EMC Corporation in May 2010. VPLEX implements a distributed “virtualization” layer within and across geographically disparate Fibre Channel storage area networks and data centers.

What is Dell EMC AppSync?

Dell EMC AppSync simplifies, orchestrates and automates the process of generating and consuming application consistent copies of production data. AppSync enables application owners and DBAs to protect, restore and repurpose their data to satisfy their unique copy requirements.

What is RPA in EMC?

RPA. RPA (RecoverPoint Appliance) has dedicated Fibre Channel, WAN and LAN interfaces. Fibre Channel is used for data exchange with local host applications and storage subsystems. WAN is used to transfer data to other RPAs. Management is used to manage the RecoverPoint System.

What is Dell EMC SRM?

Dell EMC Storage Resource Managerâ„¢ (SRM) is a market leading, comprehensive, storage monitoring and reporting solution that helps IT to visualize, analyze and optimize their end-to-end heterogeneous storage environments.

How does VPLEX work?

VPLEX uses an in-band architecture which means that data flowing between a host and a storage controller flows through one or more directors. On the VPLEX back end, the VPLEX provides an interface to a physical storage controller that act like a host, essentially like a SCSI initiator.

What is Dell Vplex?

The Dell EMC VPLEX is a network-based, virtualized storage product designed to create high-availability storage between datacenters and to provide the ability to move applications and data between storage environments. VPLEX leverages Dell EMC’s common hardware design employed in the Unity, VNX, and PowerMax/VMAX.

What is splitter in RecoverPoint?

RecoverPoint Write Splitter is used to split (duplicate) the writes. A write is sent first to the RecoverPoint appliance and then a duplicate is sent to the primary storage volume.

What is RecoverPoint Classic?

RecoverPoint provides continuous data protection for storage arrays running on a dedicated appliance (RPA) allowing for the protection of data at both local and remote levels. The data is then distributed to the local replica in a write-order-consistent manner.

What is VPLEX vs2?

VPLEX family delivers data mobility and availability within, across and between data centers. VPLEX Local provides simplified management and mobility across heterogeneous arrays within a data center.

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