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What is SAP FM module?

What is SAP FM module?

SAP Funds management ( FI-FM ) is another sub component under FI module. As the name it helps the organization to manage funds. View Tables, Tcodes and PDF tutorials to learn more about this module. It helps the companies for proper budgeting and avoiding overrun budgets.

How do you create a fund center in SAP?

Creating Funds Centers

  1. Choose Accounting Public Sector Management Funds Management Master Data Funds Center Individual Processing Create..
  2. Enter an FM area in the Enter FM area dialog box, then choose .
  3. Enter the alphanumeric code and the validity period for the fund center.

What is Grant Management SAP?

Overview. Grants Management provides the following capabilities to public sector entities such as research, education and non-profit organizations that are recipients of sponsored grants: Record all funding received for grants, including internal funds. Schedule and perform tasks related to managing grant funded …

What is Fund in sap?

In the system, a funds represents the whole organizational and functional structure of your organization (funds center and commitment item hierarchy). You can use a Budget Structure to confine this structure to particular responsibility areas (funds centers) and expenditure categories (commitment items).

What is FM area in SAP FICO?

Financial management area in SAP is an organisational unit that organises the company from aspect of cash management and funds management. You can assign one or more company codes to a FM area in SAP. The financial management area is taken from the company when assign company code to an FM area in SAP.

What is SAP commitment item?

A commitment item represents individual revenue and expenditure line items within a financial management (FM) area. Commitment items reflect the functional structure of an organization in Funds Management. Fund management module in sap is related to creation and management of budget.

How do I change the fund center in SAP?


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Funds Management MasterData FundsCenter Individual Processing Change .
  2. Enter an FM area in the Enter FM area dialog box, then choose ( ) .
  3. Enter the name of the FM area and choose ( ) Validity Period .
  4. Choose ( ) Validity Period .

How do you assign a fund center to a cost center in SAP?

Assigning Funds Centers to Cost Centers

  1. Choose Accounting Financial accounting Funds management Master data Assignments Controlling Cost centers .
  2. Enter a controlling area and a cost center or cost center group.
  3. Confirm .
  4. The Maintain Cost Center – FM Account Assignment screen appears.

What is fiscal year variant in SAP FICO?

In SAP, Fiscal year variant (FYV) is a variant that controls parameters for a financial year, such as managing financial accounting year and posting period variants to open and close posting periods. –> Financial accounting period is also called as “fiscal year” which consists of 12 periods (1 month = 1 period).

What is Chart of Accounts SAP?

A chart of accounts is a structure containing the G/L accounts used by one or more company codes. You need to assign a chart of accounts to each company code. This chart of accounts is then the operating chart of accounts and is used for the daily postings in the company code.

What are modularization techniques?

Modularization is a technique used to divide the application program into smaller units to maintain easily and reduce the code redundancy. The identical logic coded in many places (either in the same program or in multiple programs) called as a redundandant code.

Which sap module is better?

Tableau can replace the Xcelsius Dashboards and some Webi reports but it cannot replace the entire BO Platform due to the following reasons:

  • Semantic Layer – Tableau does not have the semantic layer to maintain the structures.
  • Scheduling/Publication – Tableau cannot perform report bursting,schedule reports in PDF or excels to smtp or FTP.
  • What are the modules in SAP?

    SAP Modules List : ERP SAP software provides variousSAP modules, such as FICO, MM, HR, ABAP, SD, PP, PS, CRM, etc for handling day to day business activities of an organization. SAP Modules are further divided in to two types of modules i.e. SAP Functional modules & SAP Technical

    What is the best non functional SAP module to learn?

    Highest Paying Sap Modules. SAP is implemented by many organizations across several industry verticals for their day-to-day business operations.

  • SAP ERP Modules.
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  • What does sap stand for in module?

    – Product Flow – Information Flow – Finance Flow

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