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What is seemingly unrelated regression model?

What is seemingly unrelated regression model?

In econometrics, the seemingly unrelated regressions (SUR) or seemingly unrelated regression equations (SURE) model, proposed by Arnold Zellner in (1962), is a generalization of a linear regression model that consists of several regression equations, each having its own dependent variable and potentially different sets …

What is 3SLS regression?

The term three-stage least squares (3SLS) refers to a method of estimation that combines system equation, sometimes known as seemingly unrelated regression (SUR), with two-stage least squares estimation. It is assumed that each equation of the system is at least just-identified.

What is Sureg Stata?

The Stata command sureg runs a seemingly unrelated regression (SUR). That is a regression in which two (or more) unrelated outcome variables are predicted by sets of predictor variables. These predictor variables may or may not be the same for the two outcomes.

Why is Endogeneity an important identification condition for simultaneous equations?

The classification of variables as endogenous and exogenous is important because a necessary condition for uniquely estimating all the parameters is that the number of endogenous variables is equal to the number of independent equations in the system.

Is 3SLS better than 2SLS?

3SLS estimators are more efficient than 2SLS estimators when the G error terms are contemporaneously correlated. 3SLS estimators are more complex and involve the steps described in 2SLS plus simultaneous solution of all equations using generalized least squares.

How 3SLS is different from 2SLS?

2SLS always has the computational edge, but 3SLS can be more efficient, a relative advantage that increases with the strength of the interrelations among the error terms.

What does Suest mean in Stata?

suest is a postestimation command; see [U] 20 Estimation and postestimation commands. suest combines the estimation results—parameter estimates and associated (co)variance matrices— stored under namelist into one parameter vector and simultaneous (co)variance matrix of the sand- wich/robust type.

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