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What is Seveso classification?

What is Seveso classification?

The Seveso Directives are the main EU legislation dealing specifically with the control of on-shore major accident hazards involving dangerous substances. The Seveso III Directive came into force on 1 June 2015, replacing the Seveso II Directive.

What does Seveso stand for?

A Seveso establishment is an establishment which has an activity linked to handling, manufacturing, using or storing dangerous substances (i.e. refineries, petrochemical sites, oil depots or explosives depots).

What is a Seveso site?

Seveso Sites are defined as Industrial sites that, because of the presence of dangerous substances in sufficient quantities, are regulated under Council Directives 96/82/ECand 2003/105/EC , commonly referred to as the Seveso II Directive.

What is an upper tier Seveso site?

There are two tiers of establishment, which are related to the quantities of dangerous substances present. Upper-tier establishments have greater quantities of dangerous substances present and therefore are obliged to comply with additional requirements specified in the Regulations.

How was the Seveso disaster cleaned up?

The local government, in coordinated efforts with ICMESA, embarked on cleaning up the contaminated area. Some evacuees were able to return to their homes, and the local government turned the rest of the zone into a public park known as the Seveso Oak Forest Park.

What caused the Seveso disaster?

Abstract—The accident which occurred during the production of TCP at Seveso. Italy, was possibly caused by an unforeseeable exothermic reaction with increase of temperature, slow decomposition of the reaction mass, formation of gas and rise in pressure.

What happened at Seveso?

In July 1976, a chemical plant explosion near Seveso, Italy exposed locals to the highest known levels of 2,3,7,8-tetracholorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD or dioxin) exposure to a residential population (Mocarelli 2001; Pesatori and Bertazzi 2012).

How was Seveso cleaned?

What is COMAH sites in the UK?

COMAH applies when a site has more than a threshold quantity of dangerous substances present (Lower Tier). Sites are subject to more stringent controls if the quantities of substances present are above a higher threshold (Top Tier).

What are COMAH sites?

► A COMAH site is one that stores a sufficient quantity of dangerous substances to fall into the definition of an ‘Upper Tier’ or ‘Lower Tier’ site. ► Schedule 3 of the Regulations provides the substances and stored quantities that may qualify a site as a COMAH establishment.

What was Europe’s worst environmental accident?

The Seveso Disaster of 1976 was an industrial accident in which a chemical manufacturing facility in northern Italy overheated, releasing toxic gases into a residential community.

What health problems did the Seveso disaster cause?

An excess mortality rate from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases was uncovered, and excess of diabetes cases was also found. Results of cancer incidence and mortality follow-up showed an increased occurrence of cancer of the gastrointestinal sites and of the lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue.

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