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What is SFDA in Saudi Arabia?

What is SFDA in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

What is SFDA approval?

It is a governmental certificate issued by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) after reviewing your product or company files to prove (certify) that a product or a company has complied with the required safety, efficacy, and quality standards set by the SFDA.

How do I get SFDA approval?

You can sign up through the following steps:

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Click on “create a new account”
  3. Set up a user name and a password.
  4. Select the type of establishment.
  5. Fill out the registration form and click on “submit”.
  6. A message will be sent to your email containing an activation code.

What drugs are used in Saudi Arabia?

The most commonly abused substances among Saudis are amphetamines, heroin, alcohol, and cannabis, and a majority of PWUDs are addicted to multiple substances [7]. Over the past decade, the use of cannabis and amphetamines has increased, while the use of heroin and volatile substances has decreased [4, 8].

When did SFDA come into operation?

11.2 The Small Farmers Development Agencies (SFDA) programme, aimed at the target group of small and marginal farmers and agricultural labourers, has been in operation since 1971 covering 1818 blocks in the country.

What does nafdac stand for?

NAFDAC – National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control.

In which year SFDA came into operation?

How do I register my SFDA product?

Through a Local Distributor International companies can register their products at the SFDA through their local distributors. They need to have a commercial agreement in place with an agency certificate issued by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.

Who was chairman of SFDA?

ِA Board of Directors, chaired by HRH Crown Prince, Depurty Premier.

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