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What is Sintra PVC foam board?

What is Sintra PVC foam board?

SINTRA® expanded PVC sheet is a lightweight, yet rigid, expanded foam polyvinyl chloride. It is used for many visual merchandising and signage applications and is a good substrate for digital and screen printing. Expanded PVC comes in many colors. Stocked materials typically ship in 2-5 business days.

Is Sintra board same as foam board?

Foamboard has a paper exterior while Sintra board has a PVC exterior. In terms of finish options, Sintra board has a matte finish, lamination, custom cut, die cut and double-sided print and can last for up to 10 years while foamboard has double sided, lamination and heavy duty.

Is PVC foam the same as PVC?

Lightweight, foamed PVC / Foam PVC, or foam board, is expanded Poly Vinyl Chloride with qualities that make it resistant to both moisture and corrosion. It’s a lightweight, cousin of traditional PVC, a product that has a higher density than Foam PVC. It offers amazing flame resistance and great resistance to chemicals.

How long does PVC foam board last?

These benefits provide the perfect material to withstand all types of indoor and outdoor conditions, including harsh weather. PVC foam is also a great alternative to other materials, such as wood or aluminum, and can often last 40 years without experiencing any damage.

What is Sintra board used for?

Sintra Board is a registered PVC board that is the industry standard for over two decades. A lightweight material with a low gloss matte finish, it is durable and used for advertising, photo-mounting screen printing, and even outdoor use.

How do you cut a Sintra PVC board?

For best results, in all cases, use saw blades that are identified as triple chip tooth configuration or “plastic cutting.” Circular Saws including portable, radial arm or panel saws can also be used to cut Sintra material. Sheets can be stacked if multiple pieces are to be cut the same size.

How strong is PVC foam board?

High Strength & Durability: Due to the structure of its component molecules, PVC foam boards are highly strong which ensures that they don’t undergo any deformation. The boards can survive for as long as 4 decades without any damage. 5.

Is PVC board as strong as plywood?

If you expect the longevity and durability of the materials to sustain moisture and heat, then PVC will be a perfect choice. When it comes to shaping, PVC is very flexible compared to plywood. But in the case of PVC foam sheet, there are no such worries for you, as this material is resistant to heat and moisture.

What is sintra board used for?

– Lightweight yet rigid and durable – Custom cut and design – Long lasting, up to 10 years – High resistance to extreme temperatures

Where to buy sintra board?

The best places to find Sintra boards would be in places where they sell signage or stores that customize printing signs such as our own. We offer high quality cintra boards. Printing on Sintra boards make impressive yard signs, pop up prints, real estate signage, and promotional displays.

Where can I buy Sintra?

– sharp utility knife with extra blades – metal edged ruler – sharpie – a drill with a 11/64″ (roughly) diameter bit – a heat gun (optional– I used an oven, but heed the warning at this step)

Who makes Sintra PVC?

Sintra is the brand name producer of PVC board, and has been the industry standard for over twenty years. This material works well for both indoor and outdoor signs, while its easy installation and maintenance makes it a top choice for restaurant menus, advertising, and informational signage.

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