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What is sunn hemp seed?

What is sunn hemp seed?

Sunn Hemp Seed also known as Tillage Sunn™ is fast-growing, warm season legume which produces significant amount of biomass and fixes nitrogen. The leaves of sunn hemp are 30 % protein. Goats and deer thrive on this crop.

Do you export sunhemp seeds?

We export and supply Sunhemp Seeds that are used as green manure. Sunhemp Seeds, that we provide, are demanded for agricultural purposes. We make available machine cleaned Sunhemp Seeds that are hygienically packed.

When is the best time of year to buy sunn hemp?

Our seasonal cattle forage blend is a great way to “beef” up your p… Spring and Summer are the best seasons for grilling out, and humans… Sunn Hemp is a fast-growing, nitrogen-fixing legume. Sunn Hemp is u…

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