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What is support intensity scale?

What is support intensity scale?

Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) Information The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®) is a strength-based, comprehensive assessment tool that measures an individuals support needs in personal, work-related and social activities in order to identify and describe the types and intensity of the supports an individual requires.

What is support magnitude assessment?

An SLM gap analysis results in a detailed understanding of your AM businesses through a 10-dimension assessment and a set of insights and opportunity areas for improving your offering, developing a competitive advantage and growing your AM business. Details.

What are the four levels of intensity of needed supports for individuals with ID?

Each support identified is assigned one of four levels of intensity – intermittent, limited, extensive, pervasive.

What does SIS assessment mean?

Supports Intensity Scale
The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) is a unique, scientific assessment tool specifically designed to measure the level of practical supports required by people with intellectual disabilities (i.e., mental retardation) to lead normal, independent, and quality lives in society.

How is support intensity scale used in Ontario?

The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) is an assessment that asks questions about the kind of supports a person needs to enjoy a positive quality of life at home, in their community and in their personal relationships. The third section asks about the person’s special medical and behavioural support needs.

What is a SIS in mental health?

The Supports Intensity Scale™ (SIS) is part of the core mission of AAIDD to promote progressive policies, sound research, effective practices, and universal human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

How is the support intensity scale used in Ontario?

The Supports Intensity Scale is a tool used to measure the practical support requirements of a person with a developmental disability. You can find out more by visiting How were the agencies selected to participate in the application package pilot?

What is a SIS report?

The Student Information System (SIS) is a computer system that manages a range of information about USC students. Authorized USC staff members can use SIS to view, update, and report on student records. The system also provides necessary information to several other computer systems at the university.

What are the three domains of adaptive behavior?

The structure of the scale includes the three prevalent domains, including Conceptual, Social, and Practical Skills.

What is an ADSS form for?

The first meeting is with an Assessor who will complete the Application for Developmental Services and Supports (ADSS) with the person who has a developmental disability and their caregiver(s). This part of the application tells us about the level of support a person needs to be successful in a variety of areas.

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How is the Supports Intensity scale conducted?

The Supports Intensity Scale is conducted as a semi-structured interview by a qualified interviewer with preferably two or more respondents that know the individual well.

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