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What is the best scenic route?

What is the best scenic route?

19 Scenic Roads In The US Everyone Should Drive Down At Least…

  1. Pacific Coast Highway — California.
  2. The Overseas Highway — Florida.
  3. US Route 163 — Arizona and Utah.
  4. The Hana Highway — Hawaii.
  5. Beartooth Highway — Montana and Wyoming.
  6. Cascade Loop — Washington.
  7. Kancamagus Highway — New Hampshire.
  8. Parke County Drive — Indiana.

Is there an app for scenic routes?

Waze (free, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) This navigation app combines GPS with real-time traffic updates, gas prices, alerts about speed traps and route information. Waze gets its real-time updates from other users on the road and is consistently voted one of the best navigation apps out there.

Can Google maps show scenic routes?

Take the scenic route First, do a standard Google Maps location search—tap the blue navigation button near the bottom of the screen, and make sure the “from” and “to” fields are filled out correctly. Once that’s done, Google Maps will reroute you to a longer but (hopefully) more scenic way to wherever you’re going.

Where can I roadtrip in the South?

3 Dreamy Deep South Road Trips

  • Natchez to New Orleans | 3 Hours, US-61 S. Natchez and New Orleans are a beautiful pairing for your Deep South road trip.
  • Gatlinburg to Asheville | 2 Hours, US-441 S. Gatlinburg and Asheville are two of the South’s most beloved mountain towns.
  • Myrtle Beach to Savannah | 4 Hours, US-17 S.

What is the most beautiful drive in America?

America’s Most Scenic Road Trips

  • Scenic coastline Hana Highway, Maui.
  • Scenic mountain highway in fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Aerial of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
  • 17-Mile Drive along the PCH in California.
  • Scenic U.S. hwy 1 in the Florida Keys.
  • Rock formations along a road in Utah with a car side mirror view.

How much does Scenic app cost?

Scenic is Free to download, but there are some features which are only available for Premium users. To become a premium user you can get a yearly subscription or do a one time purchase giving you Premium Forever.

Is 9W scenic?

Or are both banks equally as scenic? Can’t wait to cross the bridges! On the west side of the river, the Palisades Parkway and route 9W. On the east side route 9 and 9D The stretch between Peekskill and Bear Mountain is particularly scenic.

Does Waze have scenic routes?

The Waze App Has A New Feature To Help You Find The Most Scenic Spots On Your Next Road Trip Or Ride. Waze is partnering with Nissan to offer users a list of the charming beaches, roads, forests and other natural wonders available to them on their drives.

Where can I experience the Deep South?

Popular places to visit in the Deep South

  • Atlanta.
  • Baton Rouge.
  • Charleston.
  • Jekyll Island.
  • Memphis.
  • Nashville.
  • Natchez.
  • New Orleans.

Is the Deep South worth visiting?

The Deep South has long been one of the U.S.’s most popular destinations for both domestic and international visitors. Most will automatically head for the larger cities like New Orleans or Atlanta. While these are excellent spots to visit, sometimes it’s nice to get off the beaten track.

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