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What is the California physical fitness test?

What is the California physical fitness test?

The physical fitness test (PFT) for students in California schools is the FITNESSGRAM®. The main goal of the test is to help students in starting life-long habits of regular physical activity. Students in grades five, seven, and nine take the fitness test.

What are the 6 different tests for the California physical fitness test?

The FITNESSGRAM includes tests for six areas of fitness, including Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, Abdominal Strength and Endurance, Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility, Upper Body Strength and Endurance, and Flexibility.

How much is the distance for the running test?

The objective of the PACER is to run as long as possible while keeping a specified pace. Students run back and forth across a 20-meter space at a pace that gets faster each minute. A point is scored for each 20-meter distance covered. The test is easier in the beginning but progressively gets more difficult.

How many push-ups do you have to do to pass the fitness test?

The minimum passing score is 10 to 30, depending on role, with heavy jobs requiring a higher score. A perfect score requires 60 push-ups. The previous minimums were 30 to 35 standard push-ups for men, and 10 to 13 for women, in two minutes (or slightly fewer for older candidates).

What fitness component does the 1/2 mile run test?

SCHOOL-BASED physical fitness test batteries traditionally include endurance performance (such as the 1-mile [1.6-km] run) as a field indicator of “cardiovascular fitness,” defined as maximum oxygen consumption (V̇O2max).

How many pushups can a man do in one minute?

1-Minute Push-Up Test for Men and Women

Men’s Women’s
20-29 years old 33 push-ups 18 push-ups
30-39 years old 27 push-ups 14 push-ups
40-49 years old 21 push-ups 11 push-ups
50-55 years old 15 push-ups 0 push-ups

How far is 8.7 on the beep test?

To pass this test you must achieve level 8 shuttle 8 (8.8). You will be asked to run at increasing speeds of 0.5 km/hr over a 20 meter shuttle distance to the pace of a cd player. You will start off jogging at 8.5 km/hr at level 1. The test will bleep to start and you must meet the bleep at each 20m shuttle.

What is the 1.5 mile run test?

The 1.5 mile run is a measure of aerobic power (cardiovascular endurance). The objective in the 1.5 mile run is to cover the distance as fast as possible.

How many push-ups do Marines do a day?

Male/female push-up standards (max/min)

Male Marine Push-up Standards/Age
Age Group Minimum Maximum
17-20 42 82
21-25 40 87
26-30 39 84

What is the 1 5 mile run test?

1.5 Mile Run Test. The 1.5 Mile Run Test is a maximal aerobic fitness test, and is a good option only for students who have been participating in a running program during the previous six months. Conditioned individuals who have been cleared by a physician for vigorous physical activity within the year may choose this assessment.

What is the one-mile run time for the California PE test?

Students who do not finish acceptable values, for the One-Mile Run are shown the One-Mile Run should be given a time of 59 in Table 2. minutes and 59 seconds. For these students, this Figure 1. One-Mile Run 2015–16 California Physical Fitness Test Reference Guide 5 California Department of Education • December 2015 2 0 1 5 – 1 6 P

How many kilometers is a 1 mile test?

One mile = 1.609344 kilometers. See also a description of another 1-mile /run test and the 1-mile walk test. purpose: This test measures aerobic fitness and leg muscles endurance. equipment required: 1.6 km flat running course (e.g. 4x400m track), marker cones, stopwatch.

What is the purpose of the 1-mile endurance test?

The 1.6 km endurance run is part of the eTID Talent Identification Testing Program, and their protocol is listed here. One mile = 1.609344 kilometers. See also a description of another 1-mile /run test and the 1-mile walk test. purpose: This test measures aerobic fitness and leg muscles endurance.

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