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What is the capacity of Slane Castle?

What is the capacity of Slane Castle?

80,000 people
Slane Castle hosts many high profile events, from its famous Summer Concerts with a capacity of 80,000 people, to intimate events inside the Castle. With the backdrop of the River Boyne and the surrounding parkland of the Estate, it is the perfect venue to accommodate a wide range of events in unique surroundings.

When did Bon Jovi play Slane Castle?

First up on May 22nd – Iconic Rockers Bon Jovi with a Brand New Full Length Concert.

Who was the first concert in Slane Castle?

Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy headlined the inaugural concert in the summer of 1981 and since then, Slane Castle has hosted some of the most memorable and largest outdoor concerts in Ireland.

Who supported REM in Slane?

70,000 fans are expected to attend the REM concert supported by Oasis, Sharon Shannon, Belly, Spearhead and Luka Bloom.

Can you get married in Slane Castle?

Currently Slane Castle offers Wedding Packages for intimate weddings of upto 25 & 50 people. With a choice of two banqueting rooms, Slane Castle is the perfect place to celebrate your day with your closest family and Friends in relaxed and elegant surroundings.

When did U2 first play Slane Castle?

This was to be the first of two shows at Slane Castle for U2 in 2001 as part of their Elevation Tour with the second taking place the following week on 1 September….

Title: U2 at Slane
Information: An RTÉ News report on the U2 concert at Slane Castle on 25 August 2001.

Who has played at Slane Castle?

The History Of Slane Castle Concerts 1981 to 2019

  • THIN LIZZY. U2/Hazel O’Connor/Rose Tattoo/Sweet Savage/The Bureau/Megahype.
  • ROLLING STONES. J.Geils Band/The Chieftans/George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
  • BOB DYLAN. UB40/Santanta/In Tua Nua.
  • QUEEN.

When did Guns N Roses play Slane?

Paradise City In Slane 1992 Sun shines as thousands of fans head to Slane Castle to see Guns N’ Roses. The mood of the fans had been good-humoured all day, right from early morning when young people started to stream down the approaches to Slane Castle.

Who did Oasis support at Slane?

The 2019 concert took place on 8 June. The sloping grounds of Slane Castle form a natural amphitheatre which is ideal for concerts. As many as 70,000–110,000 people usually attend….Multiple appearances.

Act Years
Foo Fighters 2003, 2015
Oasis 1995, 2009
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2001, 2003
Robbie Williams 1998, 1999

Who supported U2 in Slane 2001?

U2 play Slane Castle twenty years after playing support there to Thin Lizzy. This was to be the first of two shows at Slane Castle for U2 in 2001 as part of their Elevation Tour with the second taking place the following week on 1 September. Support on the day came from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Kelis and JJ72.

Did the jam ever play in Ireland?

From The Jam are back in Ireland tonight at Dublin’s Academy before they play The Ulster Hall in Belfast on Saturday night, a venue they previously packed out last November.

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