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What is the chemical formula for arsenic trioxide?

What is the chemical formula for arsenic trioxide?

Arsenic trioxide/Formula

How is arsenic trioxide formed?

When metallic arsenides or arsenic-containing sulfides are roasted in air, and when arsenic-containing coal is burned, arsenic trioxide is formed. The vapors condense in the flues and on the walls of the stacks as a powder commonly called “white arsenic.” Some arsenic trioxide finds its way into the air.

What is the chemical equation for arsenic?

Arsenic acid

PubChem CID 234
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula AsH3O4 or H3AsO4
Synonyms Arsenic acid arsoric acid Orthoarsenic acid 7778-39-4 Arsenic acid (H3AsO4) More…
Molecular Weight 141.943

What is the formula of the arsenic oxide formed?

Arsenic(III) Oxide Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula As2O3
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 312.2° C (594° F)
Boiling Point 465° C (869° F)
Density 3.74 g/cm3

What is the correct Iupac name for as4o3?

Tetraarsenic trioxide

PubChem CID 145013
Molecular Formula As4O3
Synonyms Tetraarsenic trioxide 83527-54-2 3,5,7-trioxa-1,2,4,6-tetrarsatricyclo[,6]heptane DTXSID80232428
Molecular Weight 347.685
Dates Modify 2022-01-29 Create 2005-03-27

What is the formula of sodium arsenite?

Sodium arsenite/Formula

Is arsenic a trioxide?

Arsenic trioxide is the generic name for the trade name drug Trisenox®. In some cases, health care professionals may use the trade name Trisenox® when referring to the generic drug name Arsenic Trioxide. Drug type: Arsenic Trioxide is an anti-cancer (“antineoplastic” or “cytotoxic”) chemotherapy drug.

What is ASO4?

Acronym. Definition. ASO4. Atropine Sulfate (medical antidote)

What is the chemical name of arsenic?

Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol As and atomic number 33. Arsenic occurs in many minerals, usually in combination with sulfur and metals, but also as a pure elemental crystal. Arsenic is a metalloid.

What type of bond is arsenic trioxide?

As the name contains the prefix “tri” on the second word, we can deduce this is a covalent compound.

What is Decoxide formula?

decoxide. deca → 10. oxide → O. Answer: The formula of tetraphosphorus decoxide is P4O10.

What is the chemical name of arsenic trioxide?

Arsenic trioxide, sold under the brand name Trisenox among others, is an inorganic compound and medication. As a medication, it is used to treat a type of cancer known as acute promyelocytic leukemia. For this use it is given by injection into a vein. Arsenic trioxide has the formula As2O3.

Does arsenic trioxide react with fluorine?

ARSENIC TRIOXIDE reacts vigorously with fluorine at ordinary temperatures [Mellor 9:34 1946-47]. Dissolves in aqueous acids. Incompatible with tannic acid, infusions of cinchona and other vegetable astringent infusions and decoctions, and with iron in solution [Merck].

What happens to As2O3/arsenic trioxide in containers?

Small amt of As2O3 /arsenic trioxide/ in containers can be buried in landfills. (Peer-review conclusions of an IRPTC expert consultation (May 1985))

What is the best way to dispose of arsenic trioxide?

Not recommendable methods: Thermal destruction, discharge to sewer. Peer-review: Arsenic trioxide can be dissolved in sodium hydroxide, treated to precipitate the sulfide, solidified and deposited in a landfill. Small amt of As2O3 /arsenic trioxide/ in containers can be buried in landfills.

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