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What is the current DA for Tamil Nadu government employees?

What is the current DA for Tamil Nadu government employees?

5. The enhanced rate of Dearness Allowance payable under these orders shall be paid in cash with effect from 01-01-2022. Dearness Allowance for the period from 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2021 shall be paid at the rates of 17% continuously. 6.

Who is the finance minister of Tamil Nadu 2021?

Palanivel Thiagarajan is an Indian politician and the current Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu….

Palanivel Thiagarajan
Assumed office 7 May 2021
Chief Minister M. K. Stalin
Preceded by O. Panneerselvam

Who is the budget minister of Tamil Nadu?

Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan
Speech of Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management, Government of Tamil Nadu, presenting the Revised Budget for the year 2021-2022 to the Legislative Assembly on 13th August 2021.

Who is the finance secretary of Tamil Nadu?

Designation Name Phone No.
ADS Thiru Prashant M Wadnere IAS 25674435 ;PBX No: 5278
Joint Secretary Thiru. G.K. Arun Sundar Thayalan IAS 25671157 ;PBX No: 5393
Deputy Secretary(Budget) Thiru Sibi Adhithya Senthil Kumar IAS 25675475 ;PBX No: 5967
Deputy Secretary Thiru Pratik Tayal IAS 25671401 ;PBX No: 5256

What is the DA from Jan 2022?

The Dearness Allowance (DA) to be paid to the central government employees and pensioners starting January 2022 will be 34%.

What is a finance department?

At a high level, the finance department plans and manages company money, making sure a business can access cash in sustainable ways. This department can be as simple as a few people managing invoices or as complex as a team of hundreds with multiple levels of management.

What is the budget of Tamil Nadu 2021?

Total expenditure for 2021-22 is estimated to be Rs 3,29,035 crore, an annualised increase of 12.9% over the actual expenditure in 2019-20. As per the revised estimates, total expenditure for 2020-21 is estimated to be Rs 3,06,917 crore, 2.2% higher than the budget estimate.

Who is finance secretary?

T. V. Somanathan
Finance Secretary (India)

Finance Secretary of India
Incumbent T. V. Somanathan, IAS since 29 April 2021
Ministry of Finance
Reports to Parliament of India Council of Ministers of India Prime Minister of India Finance Minister of India Cabinet Secretary of India
Residence New Moti Bagh, New Delhi, India

How many IAS are there in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is supposed to have the third largest number of IAS officers allotted for a State cadre in the country but one-fifth of the total number of sanctioned positions in the State continues to be vacant: against the sanctioned strength of 376 IAS positions for Tamil Nadu cadre, only a little over 300 officers have …

What is expected DA from Jan 2021?

Expected DA from January 2021 is 28%

What is the function of the finance department in Tamil Nadu?

The Finance Department is vested with the responsibility of managing the public finances of the Government of Tamil Nadu. It has an important role in the preparation of the State Budget and presenting it to the Legislature every year. The Finance Department being the custodian of the State Exchequer has the overall responsibility of balancing

Does Tamil Nadu stand third in devolution of Finance and powers?

“As per my study done for Tata Institute of Social Studies (TISS) and Panchayat Raj Department of Government of India, Tamil Nadu stood third in devolution of finance, but was 13th in devolving powers,” she said.

What is the 132kbpension scheme in Tamil Nadu?

G.O Ms. No. 165 Dt: July 07, 2021 132KBPension – Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Family Security Fund Scheme – Sanction of a sum of Rs.25.00 crore as advance from the Government to Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Family Security Fund recoverable over 5 years period without interest – Orders – Issued.

What are the departments in state Government of India?

Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department Human Resources Management Department Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department Public Department Revenue and Disaster Management Department Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department School Education Department Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises Department

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