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What is the custom duty on cars in Pakistan?

What is the custom duty on cars in Pakistan?

Percentage of duty on cars There is a 50 percent duty on the import of new cars up to the capacity of 1300cc engine displacement, 65 percent duty is charged on the import of cars up to 1800cc and 75 percent duty has to be paid against the import of cars above 1800cc engine displacement.

How much is customs duty Pakistan?

*Additional Sales Tax is not present in the above image, but as per Sales Tax Act of Pakistan, this is 3% for all items. Now let us dive into the calculation of Customs Duty….Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

Customs Duty 20%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%
Income Tax 12%

How much does it cost to import a car to Pakistan?

The majority of cars shipped from the U.S. to Pakistan can be delivered for$2,200 up to $5,100. Additional costs may need to paid once the vehicle is delivered, in particular, import taxes and registration fees, which can add up.

How much does it cost to import a car from Japan to Pakistan?


S.No. Vehicles of Asian Makes meant for transportation of persons Duty and Taxes in US$ or equivalent amount in Pak
01. Upto 800 cc US$ 4,800
02. 801cc to 1000cc US$6,000
03. From 1001 cc to 1300cc US$13,200
04. From 1301cc to 1500cc US$18,590

Can overseas Pakistani buy car in Pakistan?

Non-resident Pakistanis will be able to buy cars at a 7% financing rate, which is a significant decrease from the present financing rates of 12-13%. Now RDA holders can avail of financing under Roshan Apni Car at very attractive terms to purchase a car for their loved ones in Pakistan.

Can overseas Pakistani bring car?

Pakistani nationals residing abroad including dual nationals can import old and used vehicles into Pakistan under the following 03 schemes: Personal Baggage. Gift Scheme. Transfer of Residence.

Is there any Ferrari in Pakistan?

Currently, there are just 4 or 5 Ferrari car in Pakistan, which can only be located in major cities of the country, such as Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. The label was established by Enzo Ferrari, the firm initially centered on manufacturing track cars before the Ferrari label gained recognition in the mainstream.

Which is the cheapest car in Pakistan?

Top 5 inexpensive or Affordable cheapest Cars in Pakistan under 1 million or 10 lac

  • Suzuki Mehran Price in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Hyundai Santro.
  • Suzuki Alto price in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Daihatsu Cuore Price.
  • Suzuki Cultus Price in Lahore or Pakistan.

Where can I buy used Japanese cars in Pakistan?

Car Junction Pakistan – supplier/dealer of Japanese used cars and commercial vehicles. We have a huge stock of second-hand cars made by top Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, etc at a competitive price.

What is the import policy for cars in Pakistan?

According to Pakistan import policy, For commercial & SUVs, one can import a unit coming under 5years old range. For passenger vehicle, one is eligible to import a 3 year old vehicle from its manufacturing date. Duty structure for import unit is prescribed by Pakistan government. 100% payment of duty is to be made when unit arrives at the port.

What are the duties on hybrid cars in Pakistan?

According to Pakistan policy, duties on hybrid cars are comparatively less (50%) than normal car. Duty of the car depends on three main factors. Engine capacity (CC) * Duty for commercial vehicles are different from regular unit which are to be known from custom house.

Which is the best hybrid car to buy in Pakistan?

Car Junction Pakistan the renowned exporter of Japanese used cars offers hybrid used cars at affordable prices. The most demanding and best selling hybrid cars in Pakistan are Toyota Prius, Aqua, Honda Vezel, and Fit, etc. They all provide a luxurious and comfortable driving journey for the customers.

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