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What is the ending of Sket Dance?

What is the ending of Sket Dance?

Switch had a very good ending, since the beginning he was a very likeable character (maybe my favorite, oh but no I like the trio the best) with a deep wound in his heart, by the end he recovers from it, finally speaks again, and is happy with Momoka (seems like he has accepted her feelings).

Does himeko and bossun end up together?

After Bossun saves her from the kidnapper, Himeko is like about to confess, if just Switch didn’t come. On other hand, as noted by Switch, Himeko and Bossun are unseparated tsukkomi and bokke partner. The author hints in the extra sketch that Bossun and Himeko do get married in the future.

Does Sket Dance have a plot?

The manga follows the adventures of the Sket-dan, a high school club whose goal it is to help the students and teachers of Kaimei High School with their problems, as they do whatever it takes to help make their campus a better place.

How are Sket Dance and gintama related?

Though Sket Dance can be seen as the little sibling of Gintama since Shinohara-sensei used to be assisting in Gintama, and therefore people only see it as a discount version of Gintama.

Is Sket Dance a good anime?

SKET Dance is an anime that will definitely go down as one of the best within its genre and is highly recommended by me to anyone who likes anime with some fun and humor.

How old is switch Chan?

Kazuyoshi Usui

Kazuyoshi Usui / Switch
笛吹 和義 Usui Kazuyoshi
Nickname Switch (スイッチ) An-chan (兄ちゃん)
Age 16
Birthday February 28, 1993

Is Sket Dance underrated?

I’m surprised I still remember a lot of things from the show and that shows how much love I have for Sket Dance. Definitely VERY underrated and definitely one of the BEST anime series I’ve ever watched and that’s coming from a person who watched LOTS.. and I mean LOTS of anime growing up..

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