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What is the longest zipline in South Africa?

What is the longest zipline in South Africa?

Lake Eland Zip Lines
Lake Eland Game Reserve has pushed the boundaries when it comes to thrill seeking adventures, with the construction of their 4.5km Zip Line tour which soars across the magnificent Oribi Gorge. Lake Eland Zip Lines is the Longest Zip Line Tour in Africa!

What is Zipline Canopy Tour?

Wikipedia defines a canopy tour as: “… an established route through a wooded and often mountainous landscape making primary use of zip lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees. Canopy tours tend to be measured in terms of hours on tour, zip lines in terms of length.

Where is the longest zipline in the Caribbean?

When you search for ziplines in the Caribbean, you can’t miss Dragon’s Breath on Labadee Island in Haiti. The 2,600-foot-long zipline is named after the Dragon’s Breath Cove that you soar over at speeds of upward of 40 miles per hour. It has the distinction of being one of the longest lines in the Caribbean.

How much is the Mossel Bay zipline?

The zipline will stretch from the cliffs below Point High School to the deck of the current (Shark Lab) aquarium at the Point, according to the Mossel Bay Advertiser. A ride on the zipline will cost R450 per person.

How long is the Mossel Bay zipline?

👀 Mossel Bay Zipline stretches over 1.1km in length and is situated nearly 90 meters above sea level!

What is a zipline tour?

A canopy tour (sometimes called a zip-line tour) provides a route through a wooded, and often mountainous, landscape making primary use of zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees. Tourists are harnessed to a cable for safety, and many are restricted to adults.

What is a Zipline Adventure in Cape Town?

Cape Town Zipline is an amazing adventure situated close to Cape Town and borders Table Mountain National Park. The adventure begins with a safety briefing and then clients embark on a guided 4×4 drive into the mountains where your zipline adventure starts.

What is the longest and highest zipline tour in Africa?

This is one of Africas longest and highest Zipline tours based in Cape Town. The adventure begins with a brief safety introduction at our office with in the Silvermist Estate. From here guests will embark on a hair raising guided 4 x 4 drive into the mountain high above Constantia with a spectacular view of Cape Town.

Can you drink alcohol on the zipline tour?

The zipline tour consists of 7 cables, 12 platforms and surrounds you with the natural beauty, fauna and flora the most amazing panoramic views of Cape Town. This is an adventure activity, therefore we have a strict no drinking prior to the tour policy.

What to do in the countryside outside Cape Town?

With rugged cliffs, deep valleys, and dense forests, the countryside outside Cape Town is a playground of outdoor adventure. On this tour, spin by powerful 4×4 vehicle deep into the mountain ranges, zoom through the open air by zipline and test your nerve on a series of high-altitude canopy climbs.

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