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What is the meaning of Kilroy?

What is the meaning of Kilroy?

Definition of Kilroy : an inveterate traveler like the roamers Kilroy and Ulysses— Peter Viereck especially : a transient soldier of all the Kilroys of history who have passed through here … it was Napoleon who best summed up the strategic importance of Malta — J. P. O’Donnell.

Where did the phrase Kilroy come from?

Reportedly spurred by an American dockworker, the “Kilroy Was Here” fad was an iconic part of World War II and 1940s lore. The origins of “Kilroy Was Here” remain murky and clouded by urban legend, but the most credible source of the saying comes from a shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, most historians agree.

Who was Kilroy and why was he significant?

James J. Kilroy who lived in Quincy, was an inspector at the shipyard, checking all the rivets and welds that were involved to hold ships together. He’d count the rivets off using a piece of chalk, leaving a checkmark to the areas that were approved.

Who was Kilroy in Kilroy was here?

James Kilroy
The creator of ‘Kilroy’ is recognized as James Kilroy of Halifax, Massachusetts. Kilroy was a rivet inspector at the Fore River shipyard in Quincy during the war. He had the responsibility of overseeing the completion of rivets on the massive ships under construction in the yard.

Who started Kilroy here?

Real Kilroys One theory identifies James J. Kilroy (1902–1962), an American shipyard inspector, as the man behind the signature.

Where is Kilroy ww2 Memorial?

Quick Description: Kilroy Was Here is located in two locations at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. This Kilroy is located behind the golden gate next to the Pennsylvania pillar. Long Description: According to Wikipedia, Kilroy Was Here is an American popular culture expression, often seen in graffiti.

Where is Kilroy on the ww2 Memorial?

Is Kilroy a true story?

Based on a true story, Kilroy tells the life story of a high ranking Mexican Mafia member, from an abusive childhood through to his later redemption. Once LA’s most prominent heroin dealer, Kilroy rose to prominence in California’s San Quentin State Prison. …

Why is Mr Roboto Kilroy?

Kilroy Was Here is a concept album that is a commentary on censorship. In jail, workers have been replaced by robots called “robotos,” and Kilroy escapes inside a robot costume (thus, Mr. Roboto). This song is about his escape from jail; it makes a statement about the dehumanizing of the working class. >>

Who was Mr Chad?

Mr Chad, also known as ‘Mr Wot no…’, was a well-known graffiti character during WWII. A Mr Chad drawing was used to express what people missed most, such as sweets or bananas.

What does Kilroy stand for?

Kilroy was here, or Kilroy for short, is a popular military graffito depicting a man with a long nose peeking over the top of a wall.

What is the origin of the phrase’Kilroy Was Here’?

At some point, the graffiti (Chad) and slogan (Kilroy was here) must have merged. Many sources claim origin as early as 1939. An early example of the phrase may date from 1937, before World War II. The US History Channel broadcast Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed in 2007 included a shot of a chalked “KILROY WAS HERE” dated 13 May 1937.

Who was the real Kilroy?

The Oxford English Dictionary says simply that Kilroy was “the name of a mythical person”. One theory identifies James J. Kilroy (1902–1962), an American shipyard inspector, as the man behind the signature. James Kilroy had served on the Boston City Council and represented the Roxbury district in the Massachusetts Legislature during the 1930s.

Was there a World War II version of Kilroy?

If this is the case, then “Foo was here” predates the American version of World War II, “Kilroy was here”, by about 25 years. “Foo” was thought of as a gremlin by the Royal Australian Air Force. It has been claimed that Foo came from the acronym for Forward Observation Officer.

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