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What is the meaning of mixed feelings?

What is the meaning of mixed feelings?

Definition of mixed feelings : conflicting feelings or emotions I’m having mixed feelings about the planned trip.

What is mixed emotions called?

Having mixed feelings or emotions. equivocal. undecided. ambivalent. indecisive.

What are examples of mixed feelings?

For example, a father may be happy that his son is getting married but sorrowful if the marriage takes the son away from home; a person may become angry at an insult from a superior and also frightened by the implications for his or her employment. Also called mixed feelings.

How do you express mixed feelings?

14 Ways to Talk about Mixed Feelings in English

  1. I can’t quite pin down how I feel about… (A common alternative: I can’t put my finger on how I feel about…)
  2. I’m struggling to figure out how I feeling about…
  3. I don’t have the foggiest idea how I feel about…
  4. It’s beyond me.
  5. I can’t make out how I feel about…

What does conflicting feelings mean?

Conflicted emotions
Conflicted emotions. The definition of conflicted is being in a state of emotional confusion. When two of your friends are fighting and you see both sides of the argument and aren’t sure who is right or what the best thing is for you to do, this is an example of when you feel conflicted.

How do you use mixed feelings in a sentence?

I had rather mixed feelings of admiration and sorrow for him. I welcome the order, but with mixed feelings. I remember the mixed feelings of triumph and relief. I also have mixed feelings about the end of the present relatively informal conciliation procedures.

Why do I keep having mixed emotions?

Ongoing mixed emotions might indicate an overload of the wrong type of stress that needs urgent attention. A good first step in the process of managing your mixed emotions is to identify the types of stress or ‘stressors’ already present in your life.

How do you express mixed emotions?

A very common phrase for this is mixed feelings/emotions: I had mixed feelings about leaving home – in some ways sad, but also quite excited. The same idea can be expressed by the adjective ambivalent: Many were ambivalent about the experience, expressing both positive and negative views.

How do you sort out mixed feelings?

6 Ways to Manage Multiple Emotions

  1. Observe your feelings; don’t judge them. Catch if you’re pressuring yourself to feel what others think you should feel.
  2. Live; don’t re-live. We are resilient and built for daily life.
  3. Talk—or don’t talk.
  4. Find friends; don’t find excuses.
  5. Organize; don’t multitask.
  6. Pause; don’t panic.

How can you tell if a girl has mixed feelings?

She always stays away from you on social media. You sometimes feel hurt but don’t know what to make of this behavior. You feel you are unable to decode her mixed signals. You can’t make out if she is really into you.

How do you describe mixed feelings in writing?

Is it okay to have mixed feelings?

In moments of conflict or stress—when feeling purely good may not be possible for us—mixed emotions could thus be a healthy pattern. Past research suggests that mixed emotions can help us be more resilient and cope with adversity, like when bereaved spouses still experience moments of humor.

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