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What is the meaning of name Kayan?

What is the meaning of name Kayan?

About Kayan Kayan is a Persian name meaning “high status”, referring to someone who is important. It also has Indian connections, and in Hindu the name means “name of a dynasty of King Kaikobad”.

What does Attar mean in Arabic?

Attar (Arabic: عطار, ʿAṭṭār) is both an Arabic given name and a surname meaning a house name for the craft of vending of fragrances and medicines or apothecary, spice dealer. It is also the noun for “perfumer” or “druggist”.

What is Arabic perfume called?

Where oud is recognized as the fragrance of wood that are used on the skin or it also to burn to spread the smoke in the ambiance or on the clothes. Further, Bukhoor is known as a blend of diverse fragrances usually in round shape that is burnt in the places like houses or shopping malls especially in the Middle East.

What does Attari mean?

Attari, also spelled Atari, is a village of Amritsar district in the Punjab state of India, 3 km from the Indo-Pakistani border at Wagah. It is situated 25 km west of the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, and is the last Indian station on the rail route connecting Lahore, Pakistan with the Indian capital Delhi.

What does Kai mean in Arabic?

The meaning of Kai is ‘From the sea. ‘ Its Pronunciation is KIE.

Is Kayan a Quranic name in Islam?

Kayan is not a Quranic or Islamic name. It is a Persian word from Pahlavi sources and means “great king”, “royal”, “high status”, “important person”. Since the meaning is not bad Muslims can use it. It is a boy name, but Kayan is also used for girls.

Is Kayan a boy or girl name?

It is a boy name, but Kayan is also used for girls. Another name that sounds like Kayan is Keyan, which is a Quranic name. You can see its details here: Keyan

What is the meaning of the name Keyan?

Meaning of Keyan Keyan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “being”, “existence”, “essence”. It is derived from the K-W-N (existence, being, was) root, which is one of the most common roots of the Arabic language, used over 800 times in the Quran:

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