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What is the most popular kitchen cabinet finish?

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet finish?

Semi-Gloss Finish. When you’re looking for the best kitchen cabinet finish, semi-gloss is quite possibly the #1 most popular choice you’ll see in kitchens of all different styles.

How do I identify my kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet brands that belong to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) will have a sticker on the back side of the sink door or side wall of the cabinet. On the sticker there should be a code or the cabinetry name in the middle of the label.

What color cabinets show the least dirt?

Black color cabinets look sleek and classy, particularly in a modern home design. The benefit of black color kitchen cabinets is that fingerprints or smudges will be less visible. The downside, however, of a black-colored kitchen cabinet is that the dust and dirt tend to be visible.

Should cabinets be matte or glossy?

Since glossy finishes are the quickest to show scratches and stains, matte finishes are ideal for those who want to hide their furniture’s imperfections. On the other hand, cabinets with a matte finish absorb light instead of reflecting it. As a result, this finish will not help your space feel bigger.

How do you tell if cabinets are veneer or laminate?

A sure way to recognize wood laminate is when the grain does NOT follow through your piece. Wood Veneer is a sheet or thin layer of ‘quality-natural-hardwood’ that is adhered to a lesser quality wood surface. Wood Veneers give the impression of a more desired quality wood without being as costly.

What are the current trends in kitchen cabinets?

Tall Cabinets Are Best. Forget about leaving space above your cabinets.

  • Two Tone Cabinets. Can’t decide between two colors of cabinets?
  • Pull-outs and Deep Drawers. You’ll want your new kitchen to have the modern pull-outs and deep drawers that make it easy to access everything you need in your kitchen.
  • Cabinet Lighting.
  • Which kitchen cabinets are the best?


  • Washability
  • Resistance to stains and scratches
  • Reduce odors and moisture
  • What are some of the best kitchen cabinet designs?

    – Choose kitchen cabinet color depending on the amount of natural light in your kitchen. – Pick high-quality boxes for your cabinets because the box is the heart of your kitchen cabinet. – Pick a kitchen cabinet door style that you like. – Personalize your kitchen cabinets with the right finish and hardware.

    What Kitchen Cabinet brand is the best for me?

    – Kraftmaid. Kraftmaid is an established name in kitchen cabinets with a huge footprint across numerous countrywide Home Depot centers and other design centers. – Merillat. Merillat is one of the best kitchen cabinet brands in the U.S. – Country Cabinets. – RTA Cabinet Store. – All Wood Cabinetry. – Visit Our Showroom.

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