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What is the most watched SNL video?

What is the most watched SNL video?

7 of the most watched SNL skits

  • I’m on a Boat. Season 34, Episode 15. See the world, or at least don a nautical-themed pashmina afghan a la “I’m on a Boat.”
  • Lawrence Welk. Season 34, Episode 4. Discover the song in your heart – no matter how weird – with the Maharelle Sisters on “Lawrence Welk.”
  • Stefon. Season 38, Episode 16.

What is the best Saturday Night Live skit ever?

1. More Cowbell. And now we come to the most legendary and most recognizable SNL sketch ever made, which remains the best to this day.

How many times was Justin Timberlake on SNL?

Time on SNL He hosted Saturday Night Live five times (for dates, see infobox) and appeared as a musical guest once with ‘N Sync, which was on March 11, 2000 where they performed “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “I Thought She Knew”. He also appeared as both host and musical guest twice.

Who is the most successful SNL alum?

Top 20 Most Successful SNL Alums, Ranked

  1. Adam Sandler. NBC.
  2. Robert Downey Jr. NBC.
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. NBC.
  4. Ben Stiller. NBC.
  5. Mike Myers. NBC.
  6. Eddie Murphy. NBC.
  7. Dan Aykroyd. NBC.
  8. Bill Murray. NBC.

Was Wayne’s World a Saturday Night Live skit?

“Wayne’s World” was originally a recurring sketch from the NBC television series Saturday Night Live. The Saturday Night Live sketch spawned a hit 1992 film, its 1993 sequel, and several catchphrases which have since entered the pop-culture lexicon.

Where can I watch Best of SNL?

You can watch SNL via livestream on Hulu + Live TV.

When did Justin Timberlake last host SNL?

Five-Timers Club

Name Total appearances as host Most recent hosting appearance
Bill Murray 5 February 20, 1999
Christopher Walken 7 April 5, 2008
Drew Barrymore 6 October 10, 2009
Justin Timberlake 5 March 9, 2013

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