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What is the pattern of Bihar board?

What is the pattern of Bihar board?

Bihar Board 12 Exam Pattern 2022 Subjects comprising of both theory and practical will have 42 MCQs out of which students have to appear for 35. 100 marks paper will have 60 MCQs out of which students will have to appear for 50 and 50 marks paper will have 30 MCQs out of which students have to appear for 25.

Is Bihar Board easy?

Bihar board examination is very easier as compared to CBSE board exams. Some students who failed in CBSE board next year they appeared for +2 Bihar board this is great example which shows that Bihar board is easier than CBSE board.

How many subjects are there in 12th Bihar Board?

Bihar board 12th consists of three major streams: Science, Commerce, and Arts. The three streams are classified based on the core subjects….Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2022 (Stream-Wise)

Stream Major Subjects
Science Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology English Computer Science

What is 12th class called in Bihar?

Intermediate 2nd Year
The Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) is the official agency in the state of Bihar that is responsible for conducting the exams for Class 12, also known as Intermediate 2nd Year.

Is Hindi compulsory in Bihar Board Class 12?

Bihar Board 12th Exam pattern 2020 The subjects for Class 12 includes: R B Non-Hindi.

How many sets of questions are there in Bihar board?

BSEB Inter Exams Begin for 13.45 Lakh Students, Bihar Board to Have 10 Sets of Question Papers.

Why CBSE is better than Bihar Board?

While this may seem like a demerit on the education system, CBSE ensures that its syllabus covers all the topics required for study and ensures a better understanding in the student. On the other hand, Bihar Board provides you with a better percentile due to lesser students, but the central board, a better percentage.

Is CBSE and Bihar Board syllabus same?

CBSE organizes 2 types of exams in 10th ( i.e. school based and board based ) but in 12th it is only board on the other hand BSEB simply takes board exams . In CBSE till 10th CCE pattern is also followed but that is not in Bihar Board. In CBSE result comes nearly on time but that is not a case in BSEB.

Is English compulsory in Bihar Board 12th?

In spite of having so much importance of English education in today’s world it is unfortunate that Bihar Board has not included it as a compulsory subject.

Is syllabus reduced in Bihar board?

Bihar board has proposed the revision of syllabus for the academic year 2020-21. The board stated that the classes are suspended and it will be difficult to complete the whole syllabus. The proposal has been made to reduce the syllabus by 30%.

How can I prepare for Bihar board?

How to prepare for Class 12 Bihar Board Exams?

  1. 1) Prepare from NCERT Book: Majority of questions are asked from NCERT book.
  2. 2) Solve Sample Papers: Solving sample papers regularly can surely sharpen your question solving skills and it will also increase your speed.

Who sets the Bihar Board exam pattern for Class 10 and 12?

BSEB are also equally responsible to set the Bihar Board Exam Pattern for Classes 10 and 12, which will determine the type of questions and marks distribution for the board paper. Both Classes 10 and 12 are an important phase of a student’s life.

What is the role of the Bihar School Examination Board?

The Bihar School Examination Board is responsible for conducting both the Class 10 and 12 board exams, every year. The Bihar Board of Examination was established in the year 1952 and is completely responsible for setting the timetable, framing the question paper and realising the model question papers.

When will the Bihar Board 10th and 12th result 2014 be declared?

In the year 2014, the Bihar board 10th and 12th result 2014 is expected to be declare in the May 2014 by BSEB Patna The most important factor while clearing of BSEB 10th (Matric) and 12th (Intermediate) examinations is the study material. Students should stick to two or three reference books plus a course book.

What is the passing marks for class 12th in Bihar?

Bihar Board Class 12 Marking Scheme It is mandatory for the students to score at least 30 marks out of 100 marks in each subject in order to pass the Bihar Board Examinations. The aggregate marks scored by the candidates should be 30%.

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