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What is the purpose of REIV?

What is the purpose of REIV?

The REIV collects and collates residential and commercial property data in Victoria which comes to us directly from Members, so it is not reappropriated, manipulated or misinterpreted. We use this accurate data to provide regular market updates, insights, statistics and tools that Members use to assist their clients.

What is RIEV?

REIV – Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

What is sole agency leasing and managing authority?

Sole agency agreements A sole agency agreement is similar to an exclusive agency agreement. You give rights to one agent to sell the property but you may find a buyer yourself.

Are private real estate inspections allowed in Victoria?

Can I inspect a property I want to rent/buy? Yes, but you must book via a scheduled appointment system. The tenant/owner must not be present and the agent must wait outside. Only one household can inspect a property at a time.

How do I make a complaint about a real estate agent in Victoria?

Agent Complaints

  1. We have launched a powerful consumer tool we have launched.
  2. According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, “Complaints against real estate agents should be directed to the Estate Agents Resolution Service (EARS), Consumer Affairs – telephone 1300 737 030.” (See Consumer Affairs Victoria)

How do I become a real estate agent in Victoria?

To apply for the full estate agent license in Victoria, you must have:

  1. 18 units of competency for the award of the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) (Agents Representative Course)
  2. 12 units of competency for the award of the Diploma of Property (Agency Management)

What is industry body in real estate Victoria?

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, making a difference for you and your business. The REIV has been supporting Victorian real estate since 1936, building a brand that real estate professionals rely on and consumers trust.

Can you cancel a sole agency agreement?

Cancelling a sole agency agreement after 90 days If the sole agency agreement is for a residential property and for a term longer than 90 days, you or the vendor can cancel the agreement any time after 90 days.

How do I get out of a sole agency agreement?

When a contract is signed by a client (the seller) during a visit by the agent to their home, at their work place, away from the agent’s premises or online, then they must be given a right to cancel that contract within 14 calendar days of signing. The client should be given a ‘Notice of Right to Cancel’.

How often can a landlord inspect a property in Victoria?

every six months
For Victoria, the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 clearly states that a property can be inspected every six months provided that more than 24 hours written notice has been given to the tenant.

Can I travel to regional Victoria from Melbourne to inspect a property?

Regional Victorian real estate agents wary of push for private inspections from Melbourne house-hunters. In-person auctions and inspections are currently banned across Melbourne, although regional residents are now out of lockdown and can tour properties.

Can I complain about my estate agent?

Local council trading standards departments can investigate complaints about letting agents. You can report a letting agent to trading standards if the agent hasn’t registered with a letting agent redress scheme or their practices appear unfair. Trading standards may be able to investigate unfair or unlawful charges.

How do I contact REIV?

Covid-19 Update : All REIV services are available online or via phone while our Camberwell office is temporarily closed. Please contact us via email or phone should you have any queries. To report your sales results to PropertyData, or for help doing so, please click here. REIV Media Office: 03 9205 6607 | [email protected]

What is the latest news from the REIV?

Latest news from the REIV. Find out the latest updates on restrictions and operating in a COVIDSafe manner in the real estate sector. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) today announced that Quentin Kilian will succeed Gil King as the organisation’s CEO from mid-February 2022.

What does REIV stand for?

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) today announced that Quentin Kilian will succeed Gil King as the organisation’s CEO from mid-February 2022.

Where do REIV market statistics come from?

All REIV market statistics are based on data reported directly by real estate professionals and government records. Report your results Click here to understand auction data. Auction Details here Click here for details.

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