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What is the purpose of WeBOC?

What is the purpose of WeBOC?

WeBOC is an indigenously developed, web-based computerized clearance system, providing end to end automated customs clearance of import and export goods. The system was developed jointly by the Pakistan Customs and PRAL, and was first implemented on trial basis at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim.

How can I get WeBOC in Pakistan?

Weboc Registration Documents Required

  1. Proprietor Original CNIC.
  2. NADRA Verification.
  3. National-Income Certificate (NTN Certificate)
  4. Sales Tax Registration Certificate.
  5. Property Documents Premises/Office/Rent Agreement with Photo Copy of the Landlord CNIC Copy.
  6. Valid Karachi Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

When was WeBOC introduced in Pakistan?

KARACHI, June 2: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a new auto clearance system ‘WeBOC’ at Port Qasim Collectorate for clearance of imports.

How do I log into WeBOC?

Please login to WeBOC System using URL: In order to prepare Goods Declaration, please click on Left Menu: Goods Declaration (as shown in screen below): Upon preparation of Goods Declaration (GDs), validation of GD contents by clicking button and then click on button to check duty/tax amounts.

How do I get Gd from WeBOC?

Download Goods Declaration Online:-

  1. Step:1 First Visit WeBoc`s Website then logging using WeBoc id and password.
  2. Step:2 After logging in WeBoc you will see a list of options on the left side, now click Goods Declaration as indicated in below image:-

How do I file a rebate claim with WeBOC?

What documents are Required for Rebate Claim in Weboc?

  1. If you are uploading invoice so select invoice and click Browse button to upload file.
  2. For uploading undertaking so select undertaking and click Browse button to upload file.

How do I file gd in WeBOC?

You need to get WeBOC registration to file GD in WeBOC account….Basic Information

  1. If you want to file Kict/Pict/West Wharf/East Wharf GD, then select MCC EXPORT KARACHI.
  2. If you want to file Air Port ‘s GD, then select MCC EXPORT, AFU- EXPORT.
  3. If you want to file QICT’s GD, then select PORT QASIM (EXPORT), KARACHI.

How do I create a WeBOC form?

WeBOC system can be easily accessed through request for issuance of Form-E’. In order to submit request for approval of ‘Form-E’, click on ‘New Request’ button, which will show the following new screen.

How do I find my WeBOC ID and password custom information portal?

How to get Weboc id

  1. Proprietor Original CNIC.
  2. Request for issuance of WeBOC ID on Letter Head.
  3. Visiting Card and 2 Photograph.
  4. WeBOC External User Registration Form.
  5. NADRA Verification.
  6. National-Income Certificate (NTN Certificate)
  7. Sales Tax Registration Certificate OR IRIS-14(I)

How do I get GD copy from WeBOC?

How do I get a WeBOC ID?

What is Gd in Pakistan customs?

GD stands for Goods Declaration, It`s a custom online declaration form which uses to mention complete details (i.e. Quantity, Unit Price, Payment Terms etc.) of Goods that we want to import or export from Pakistan.

What is weboc in Pakistan?

WeBOC is in fact permit for import and export is known as an import and export certificate in Pakistan. In order to carry on the business of import and export first, you have to file WeBOC registration form and get access to initiate E-forms.

Why weboc is important for traders and agents?

Weboc since several year after having been introduced in 2011 has played an important role to facilitate not only traders but also custom officers and agents. Since 2011, this online system has been playing a huge role in facilitating the traders, custom officers, and agents.

Why Pakistan International Trade consultants (PITC) for weboc registration?

Note: Pakistan International Trade Consultants (PITC) helps you in registration of WEBOC as per exporters requirements. And in case any problem arises in WEBOC Pakistan International Trade Consultants (PITC) will resolve this issue on client behalf.

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