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What is the rarest sprayground backpack?

What is the rarest sprayground backpack?

A Culmination Anniversary Backpack of 10 Years of some of the Top Selling 26 Bags! Only 100 Made & All Numbered!!!!!! Sprayground Celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a very special bag that is super rare and limited of only 100 pcs.

Are Sprayground backpacks cool?

Sprayground backpacks are an elevated version of a regular school backpack. Costing above average, these artsy-cool backpacks do come with a little clout, and plenty of teens get a kick out of sharing evidence of owning one on social media.

What are Sprayground backpacks made of?


Is Sprayground a designer?

The Rebel Bag Company! SPRAYGROUND was started by NYC designer DBD. It was originally created as a backpack company for street artists to easily transport spray cans and has now evolved into a collection of original designs by DBD and friends.

Can you put a Sprayground backpack in the washing machine?

Can you wash Sprayground Backpacks? The backpack can be washed but by hand. Do not put the bag in the washing machine as it could ruin the fabric and shape of the bag. To clean, use a damp cloth/sponge and detergent on the area concerned.

Are Sprayground smell proof?

The backpack itself is packaged inside a bag reminiscent of an oversized medical marijuana bag, which is smell proof as well. All of Sprayground products feature a small secret pocket for the fans to find and hide their hidden goods, however this is our first backpack that the main feature is the secret compartment.

Is Sprayground waterproof?

Durable Vegan water-resistant fabric, Dimensions: 18″ x 6″ x 11.5″, Adjustable Straps for custom sizing, Nylon Zippers with Metal Hardware, Metal “Sprayground Authentic” badge, Slide through back sleeve connects to carry- on luggage to free your hands.

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