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What is the strongest hilleberg tent?

What is the strongest hilleberg tent?

Hilleberg’s strongest two-person dome tent, the Tarra is designed for use in the harshest, most demanding conditions where strength and durability is of the utmost importance. The Tarra is an outstanding, all-around 2-person tent for adventures that demand absolute strength.

Is hilleberg a good tent?

The Hilleberg Tarra is one of the most durable two-person tents we have ever tested. It’s quick and easy to pitch and stay in place once it is set up. We’ve camped in 60+ mph winds that collapsed, ripped, or destroyed other 4 season models while the Tarra held strong.

What is the lightest hilleberg tent?


  • Our lightest, three season solo tent.
  • Single pole design keeps the weight low, yet provides full sitting height at the tent’s apex.

Who makes hilleberg tents?

Hilleberg is a Swedish tent-making company founded in 1973 by a husband and wife team, Bo and Renate Hilleberg. Control of the company has since passed to their children Rolf and Petra Hilleberg.

Are hilleberg tents waterproof?

In our tents, the outer tent material (our Kerlon fabrics) is fully waterproof and is there to keep water – rain and snow – out.

What are hilleberg tents made of?

silicone coated nylon
Hilleberg Kerlon outer tent fabric is a silicone coated nylon, it is lightweight, waterproof and has a tear strength up to six times that of ordinary tent fabrics, the ripstop weave of Kerlon also ensures that if it does puncture that it will not slowly transform into a trip ending tear.

Where are Hilleberg tents manufactured?

To ensure that we can build the tents we envision, and do so at the level of quality we demand, we own and operate our own, ISO-9001: 2014 certified, manufacturing facility in Rapla, Estonia. We also work with a few, carefully selected Estonian factories, where sewers trained by us work exclusively on Hilleberg tents.

What material are Hilleberg tents made from?

Where are hilleberg tents manufactured?

Where are hilleberg made?

To ensure that they build what is envisioned and do at the level of quality which they demand, Hilleberg operate their own manufacturing facility in Estonia where all Hilleberg tents are made.

What are Hilleberg tents made from?

Bo discovers that a certain type of silicone coated fabric is six to seven times stronger than nearly any other tent fabric, and adopts it for all Hilleberg outer tents. Dubbed Kerlon 1500, it has an exceptional tear strength of 15 kg/33 lbs.

Is the Hilleberg Staika a good tent?

Easy to pitch, immensely stable, remarkably spacious, and quite light, the Staika is an excellent “go to” tent for any use where sturdy strength is the high priority. Hilleberg originally designed the Staika for paddle tourers, who wanted a highly stable, fully free standing tent for handling tricky pitching conditions.

What is a Staika tent?

Hilleberg originally designed the Staika for paddle tourers, who wanted a highly stable, fully free standing tent for handling tricky pitching conditions.

What do you think about the Staika?

This Staika is built solidly, with top flight everything, from tent poles to zippers to instructions, and the thing can pitch quickly under adverse conditions. Particularly nice touches: Tent pole repair piece tucked away in bag; well machined tent pegs in ample quantity. I’ll need to spend some quality time before weighing in on ventilation.

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