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What is the TeamSpeak client?

What is the TeamSpeak client?

The all-new TeamSpeak client is built on the foundations of our rock solid, lag-free voice technology and packed with next generation communication & productivity tools, while maintaining our renowned security, privacy and complete customisability. TeamSpeak is the ONLY tool you will need to connect online.

What is the sleek dark style for TeamSpeak?

[Colorseries by NiceKype] A dark theme which looks surprisingly similar to another popular voice communication software Sleek blue Style for TeamSpeak Sleek dark Style for TeamSpeak.

What is Teamspeak in italiano (Italia)?

Tradurre la descrizione in Italiano (Italia) utilizzando Google Traduttore? TeamSpeak is an advanced voice chat and communication app that enables groups of people to communicate and share information with each other via the internet or through private networks, whether they are using an Android device, PC, MacOS, iOS, or Linux.

What is TeamSpeak Tournament Edition?

TeamSpeak Tournament Edition (TST) is a fully customized version of TeamSpeak, ideally suited for online, LAN and virtual events.

What is myteamspeak and how does it work?

myTeamSpeak is our cloud-based service that enables you to synchronise your servers, settings and preferences between devices with ease. Whether you’re AFK and want to jump in to the action on your mobile, or constantly switching rigs, myTeamSpeak makes it simple to keep your TeamSpeak 3 server access details close at hand,…

Why choose TeamSpeak for gaming voip?

There is a reason that TeamSpeak is the Number 1 choice for pro gamers. Forget that we provide the best voice quality available. Forget that we provide military-grade security, ultra low latency, the lowest resource usage of any VoIP software and 3D surround sound as standard. As a TeamSpeak user, we know you expect the best.

Who is Envy Gaming?

Envy Gaming, Inc. is the owner and operator of global esports franchise Team Envy, the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League, the Dallas Empire team in the Call of Duty League, and a founding member of Flashpoint, a professional tournament series for competitive CS:GO.

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