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What is the viva voce extended essay?

What is the viva voce extended essay?

The viva voce is a short interview between the student and the supervisor, and is the mandatory conclusion to the extended essay process. The viva voce is a celebration of the completion of the essay and a reflection on what the student has learned from the process.

Is the viva voce recorded?

The Viva Voce isn’t recorded, it’s just a reflection on the writing process of your EE with your supervisor.

How hard is it to get a 7 in HL Math?

From those taking Math HL, 8.8% got a 7. Out of the total population, that’s around 1.27%. It means that if you are able to get 7 in Math HL, you are at the top 1.27% people from those who are taking the IB, at least in the Mathematics category (again, disregarding those 170ish people who is taking Further Math HL).

How do you title an extended essay?

The title page should include only the following information:

  1. the title of the essay.
  2. the research question.
  3. the subject the essay is registered in (if it is a language essay also state which category it falls into; if a world studies essay also state the theme and the two subjects utilized)
  4. word count.

How do you write a good viva voce?

Give the markers some direction, but don’t give them the whole story. Make it clear where your examples will be and how you want the discussion to be structured. They will go with whatever flow you want to establish. For some examples on what a good summary sheet could look like, check out these examples.

How do you write ee reflections?

Reflection One- Initial Stage

  1. Your ideas regarding the topic in general.
  2. The research question you have in mind.
  3. Initial background reading or research you may have conducted.
  4. Possible approaches.
  5. Initial thoughts about the answer to your research question.
  6. Roughly 100 words in length.

How many points do you need to pass EE?

24 points

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