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What is tombola?

What is tombola?

In Italy tombola is a very common family game played at Christmas, similar to bingo, the English version so popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland and, under many forms, all around the world.

How do Tombola cards work?

Modern tombola cards are in plastic and have on the numbers small plastic slots that can be closed down when the number is called, but traditionally they were closed by beans (“fagioli”) or by pieces of orange peel, that you had to eat while playing. Fix a price for each card (ex. 1 dollar).

Is tombola a good bingo site?

If you’re looking for round the clock entertainment that you can slip into your pocket or handbag, Tombola is a great choice for you. With both a Tombola Bingo mobile optimised site and a tombola Bingo app, you can access the bingo games from a range of different devices including iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Does Tombola have the same winners in every game?

And yes same winners in most games and when you go to congrats them on big JP wins they are never to be found. Tombola has pleanty of bingo rooms to choose from with amazing jackpots available, the cms are very helpfull and friendly.

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