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What is touch community?

What is touch community?

TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. Since 1992, TOUCH has served people of all ages, races and religions to see sustainable change and transformation in their lives.

Who founded Touch Community Services?

Khong is the founder and chairman of TOUCH Community Services (TCS), a non-profit, non-religious welfare organisation that has 18 services, 19 centres, and 24 youth clubs in Singapore helping the under-privileged. The organisation has served over 100,000 individuals since its establishment.

Which charity should I donate to Singapore?

10 Charities for cash donations in Singapore

Charity organisation Donations go to…
Home Nursing Foundation Purchasing essential medical supplies and encouraging nurses with travel tokens
AMKFSC Community Services Low income families, community and senior citizens

Which charities need the most help Singapore?

End the year right by donating to the following charity organisations in Singapore to better someone’s life — however big or small.

  1. Singapore Children’s Society.
  2. Club Rainbow.
  3. Metta Welfare Association.
  4. Hope Centre Singapore.
  5. Singapore Red Cross Society.
  6. SPCA Singapore.
  7. Blessings In A Bag.
  8. Breast Cancer Foundation.

Is giving SG legit? is a safe and secure integrated giving platform. It is hosted and maintained by NVPC, a charity with Institutions of a Public Character status in Singapore.

What are some groups of people in Singapore who need help?

Yellow Ribbon Project.

  • Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS)
  • Prison Fellowship Singapore.
  • Agape Village.
  • The Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift Project.
  • Mercy Relief.
  • St John’s Home for Elderly Persons.
  • Project Happy Feet.
  • Do you mind Touch Community Services?

    Do You M.I.N.D.? is a new youth mental wellness initiative by TOUCH Community Services. N – Notice preliminary signs and symptoms of mental health issues in their peers and loved ones; D – Defend themselves and their friends against self-harm, instead of glorifying it.

    What is the biggest charity in Singapore?

    The biggest giver was the Lee Foundation with an expenditure of S$52.8 million in 2019. Most of this was spent on grants to causes such as community services, poverty alleviation, education and disaster relief.

    Which donation is best?

    10 of the Best Charities Everyone’s Heard Of

    Rank Charity Overall Score
    1 Direct Relief 100.00
    2 Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. 100.00
    3 MAP International 100.00
    4 The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 100.00

    Where can I donate money to the poor?

    If you wish to donate to the poor, you can make donations with Narayan Seva Sansthan online for various causes like rehabilitation and treatment of the needy, sponsoring their kid’s education, donating money to aid them meet basic amenities, and so on.

    Who owns giving SG? is created and brought to you by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). NVPC is the steward of the City of Good vision for Singapore, where individuals, organisations, and leaders come together to give their best for others.

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