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What kind of Drama is Dong Yi?

What kind of Drama is Dong Yi?

as Choi Dong Yi (child) … A moving historical drama set in the Chosun Dynasty of old Korea, Dong Yi tells the story of a simple maid that rises high in the royal court as a consort and, ultimately, mother of the 21st king of Chosun.

Why was Dong Yi fired from the Bureau?

Dong Yi is nearly fired after missing the Bureau’s annual ceremony. The Queen Mother and the Seoin party are unhappy that Ok-jung is chosen to be the King’s royal concubine. Dong Yi discovers Cheon-soo is a member of her father’s secret society.

Does Dong Yi tell the truth about her past?

Dong Yi, Sir Shim and Chief Seo now realises that Oh Tae Seok and Jang Ok Jeong is behind the Namin official murder, framing of Sword Fraternity and the death of her father. When Oh… read more Dong Yi finally tells the truth about her past.

Why does the king announce that Dong Yi will live outside?

The King then announces that Dong Yi is to live outside of the palace. But, the reason for this is, he wants to abdicate and live with Dong Yi. Then, the Crown Prince can become King… read more

Is Dong Yi the Malaysian version worth the buy?

I bought a new set of DVDs on Dong Yi, the Malaysian version after watching the previous set a friend loaned me (which had the last 2 episodes badly translated into English). The Malaysian version has very good English subtitles till the very end. I watched many of the episodes again and I am still just as touched by it as the previous viewing.

What is the best part of Dong Yi and King Sukjong?

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. The best part until now was in 20 minutes end of episode 6, it’s very funny when Dong Yi and King Sukjong first meet. King Sukjong be in disguise in as common people in the night, they face the danger when investigating criminal.

Is Jang Ok jung better than Dong Yi?

I watched Jang Ok Jung just before this series and realized how different Dong Yi was portrayed in Jang Ok Jung (Dong Yi’s role and story was downplayed in JOK). While I enjoyed Jang Ok Jung, I like this series Dong Yi much much better – maybe the best I’ve watched so far. The cast was good. Kim Yoo Jung was very memorable as the child Dong Yi.

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