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What magnitude was Fukushima earthquake?

What magnitude was Fukushima earthquake?

magnitude 9.0
The 11 March earthquake measured magnitude 9.0 and involved substantial shifting of multiple sections of seabed over a source area of 200 x 400 km. Tsunami waves devastated wide areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures.

Is a 7.3 earthquake strong?

The magnitude 7.3 quake caused panic, but no deaths or major damage were reported. A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake has struck eastern Indonesia, triggering a tsunami warning and sending residents fleeing from their homes in panic.

Was there an earthquake in Fukushima?

Last month, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of the Fukushima prefecture, raising fears of a repeat crisis but causing little damage. Some 40,000 people are still displaced by the disaster, unable to return home to areas near the wrecked plant that are still off-limits due to radioactive contamination.

When did the 7.3 earthquake happen?

13 February
The Mw 7.1 or MJMA 7.3 earthquake occurred on a Saturday night at 23:07 JST (14:07 UTC) on 13 February at a relatively shallow focal depth of 51.9 kilometers (32.2 mi).

When did Japan have a 7.1 earthquake?

Tectonic Summary. The February 13, 2021, M 7.1 earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan, occurred as the result of thrust faulting near the subduction zone interface plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates.

How devastating a 7.7 intensity earthquake is?

More than 1,000 people are killed when a 7.7-magnitude earthquake strikes Luzon Island in the Philippines on July 16, 1990. The massive tremor wreaked havoc across a sizeable portion of Luzon, the country’s largest island, with Baguio City suffering the most devastating effects.

Is Japan expecting another big earthquake?

Japan is also bracing for another possible deadly megaquake in the Nankai Trough, a submarine trench off Japan’s Pacific coast. The government warned that a large quake here would lead to a national crisis. In the Nankai Trough, magnitude 8 earthquakes occur every 100 to 200 years.

What magnitude was the earthquake in Japan yesterday?

TOKYO, Jan 22 (Reuters) – An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 jolted southwestern Japan early on Saturday morning, injuring 13 people, the authorities and local media said.

How big was the earthquake in Japan today?

The largest earthquake in Japan: today: 4.7 in Naze, Kagoshima, Japan.

What is the biggest earthquake recorded in history?

Chile earthquake of 1960
The Chile earthquake of 1960, the largest quake ever recorded in the world, produced a tsunami that crossed the Pacific Ocean to Japan, where it killed more than 100 people.

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