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What makes a poster valuable?

What makes a poster valuable?

When determining the value of a movie poster, the most important factor to ascertain is the authenticity of the item and whether it was released when the film was originally released to cinemas or on a subsequent re-release later on.

How can you tell if a vintage poster is real?

Original lithographic posters will not look pixelated under a loupe or magnifying glass. The process of stone lithography applies a solid layer of color to the paper, whereas posters that are digitally reproduced all have the tell-tale pixels when seen under magnification.

What to do with old posters?

Six Uses for Old Posters

  1. Keep it above your desk (and out of the poster graveyard)
  2. Hang it up on the walls outside your lab.
  3. Use it as wrapping paper.
  4. Make a useful papercraft.
  5. Sew it into a bag.
  6. Wear it as a scarf.

How do you tell if a poster is a reprint?

The licensed copies are normally smaller (often 24×36) than original posters (usually 27×40 or 27×41) and are always single-sided. Sonis is one company that has sold commercial reprints of many movie posters. If you see the small Sonis logo (as seen in red circle below) on a poster, it is probably a reprint.

How can you tell the difference between a lithograph and a poster?

Typically, posters are digitally printed in bulk. On the other hand, lithographs are works of art that are hand-printed by an artist (or artisan) that has been reproduced in small quantities from an original image, using grease, ink, water, and a special surface such as limestone.

How do I value a poster?

What factors determine the value of an original classic poster?

  1. Original, reprint, or reproduction: only original posters by the original poster artist are valuable.
  2. Condition: classic posters are graded from A to D.
  3. Rarity: the rarity of a poster is an important, though hard to assess factor.

How do you preserve old posters?

If you just want to safely store your vintage posters, it’s good to keep them flat, in acid-free sleeves. Acid-free sleeves preserve your posters from dust, moisture and critters. Storing them rolled up is another option, particularly if you don’t have the space to store your posters flat.

Can you recycle movie posters?

If the paper is shiny, or laminated it cannot be recycled. Make sure to also remove any tape, puddy, or tacks that were used to secure it to the wall.

Where can I find framed art deco posters?

Art lovers will find Framed Art Deco Posters that include some of the most representative paintings of this movement in the collection assembled by Framed Art Deco Posters highlight the fact that the artists were not reluctant to embrace the technological advances and can be regarded as a reaction to the Art Nouveau movement.

What is the value of posters?

Artistic Achievement : Posters by recognized artists and graphic designers normally have a higher value. Toulouse-Lautrec’ s great posters legitimized the medium as a form of fine art, and attracted other talented artists to the field.

What is the origin of Deco Art?

In poster art, precursors were the German Plakatstil, the Viennese Secession and the Parisian fashion design revolution that began in 1908. The style received its name from the Decorative Arts Exposition of Paris in 1925, which marked the full flowering of Art Deco design.

How much is a Moulin Rouge poster worth?

In 1989, Toulouse-Lautrec’s 3-sheet Moulin Rouge sold for $220,000, at the time, the highest price ever paid for a fine art poster at auction. If this masterpiece were available today, it might bring two to four times that amount.

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