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What mk is a 2009 Fiesta?

What mk is a 2009 Fiesta?

7 (2008-2012) Specification Guide & Review.

Is a 2009 Ford Fiesta a good car?

2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec WS For a light/small car, the Fiesta has been lots of fun to drive, good sporty character, yet very comfortable with modern features. Superb fuel economy, cheap to service and maintain, never gave us any trouble.

How much was a Fiesta in 2009?


Ford Fiesta Models SPECS PRICE
LX 1.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol 4 speed automatic $3,400 – 5,500
LX 1.6LRegular Unleaded Petrol 5 speed manual $2,900 – 5,060
Zetec 1.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol 4 speed automatic $3,700 – 6,050
Zetec 1.6LRegular Unleaded Petrol 5 speed manual $2,900 – 4,950

Is my Fiesta Mk5 or Mk6?

Fifth generation (BE256; 2002) This generation of the Ford Fiesta (Mk5) is often referred to as Mk6. This is because the previous model, the Mk4 Fiesta, was often called the Mk5 after it received a facelift in 1999.

Is my Fiesta Mk7 or Mk7 5?

Mk7 Headlights have pointy inside corners, and the bumpers are a bit more rounded. Mk7. 5 is the facelift. Square corners on the inside of the headlamps, different bumpers and grill as mentioned already.

Does Ford Fiesta 2009 have abs?

Fiesta 5th Generation has ABS as standard across the range.

Where is 2009 Ford Fiesta made?

Ford has commenced production on the all-new 2009 Ford Fiesta at the Cologne assembly plant in Germany, with other Ford factories around the globe gearing up to produce the automaker’s latest small car offering.

Does Ford Fiesta 2009 have Bluetooth?

The Fiesta has a range of technology including voice-controlled Bluetooth (standard on LX and Zetec), a USB slot for an MP3 or the 3.5mm audio jack standard range-wide. Also standard is the capless refuelling set-up first seen on the Mondeo and cruise control is standard on all but the CL.

Is 2009 Ford Focus front wheel drive?

The front-wheel-drive Ford Focus is available in coupe and sedan body styles. The Focus coupe is offered in two trims, SE and SES. All models have a four-cylinder engine with manual and automatic transmission choices. Changes for 2009 include available stability control.

What year is a mark 7.5 Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta MK 7 (2013 – 2017) specification guide and review.

How many km did your Ford Fiesta Run in 2009?

Ford fiesta 2009 dec single owner and total km run 70000 only all service done through ford onlybest mileage 26km in highway model zxi abs… Ford Fiesta – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – Diesel – 2009 – 110,090 kms. Vehicle specs make ford model fiesta variant fiesta zxi 14 vehicle type sedans mileage 110090 kms make year 2009 make month december fuel…

What is the price of a 2009 Ford Fiesta in Hyderabad?

Ford fiesta /classic zxi 1.4 ltd 2009 for sale in hyderabad. The grey petrol ford fiesta /classic has done 63613 kms. Asking price is rs.2,50,000… Ford fiesta /classic exi 1.4 tdci ltd 2009 for sale in bhilai. The white diesel ford fiesta /classic has done 70000 kms. Asking price is rs.1,75,000…

When did the Ford Fiesta come out in the US?

Ford will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the 2009 Fiesta, a model based on the Verve Concept. The new Fiesta will be available in Europe stating fall 2008 and later in Asia, South Africa and Australia. Starting 2010 it will also come to North America. New to the Fiesta range for European markets is the popular Ford Duratec 1.6-litre Ti-VCT engine.

What kind of transmission does a Ford Fiesta have in 2009?

A five-speed manual transmission is standard for the ’09 Fiesta, with a four-speed automatic available only with the final engine choice, the 95-hp 1.4-liter I4 gas engine. The five-speed manual tranny is described as smooth enough, but with a rather long throw to be considered truly sporty.

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