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What motor is in ezgo golf cart?

What motor is in ezgo golf cart?

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Is EZGO Rxv AC or DC?

AC Drive: The RXV’s drive train uses an alternating current motor, not the traditional direct current motor, generating more power and longer operating time between battery charges.

What is the difference between EZGO RXV and TXT?

The RXV models are slightly longer than the TXT although can go unnoticed. They have the overall length is 94.5 inches with a similar width to the TXT as 47 inches. The RXV is shorter than the TXT – 45.7 inches disregarding the roof, and only 70 inches if the roof is included.

Who makes E-Z-GO engines?

Textron Specialized Vehicles
Parkhurst, vice president, Golf & Turf North America for Textron Specialized Vehicles, which designs and manufactures E-Z-GO and Cushman vehicles. “This new engine will offer our customers increased performance, lower costs of operation and a greener ecological footprint.”

How do I know what model my E-Z-GO is?

The serial number and manufacturer’s number for these EZGO golf cart models can be found on a plate located under the glove box on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The serial number is either six or seven numbers and does not indicate the model year. The manufacturer’s number does reflect the model year.

When did ezgo start using AC motors?

In general, though, most carts produced by EZGO and Club Car after around 2000–2010 use an AC motor instead of a DC one.

Is AC or DC better for golf cart?

AC motors have improved performance over DC motors whether you are going uphill or down. While driving a golf cart with a DC motor, you may find that the cart struggles to properly travel up hills, and speed rates might be dramatically slower.

How do I tell what year my EZGO RXV is?

The last two numbers of the manufacturer’s code is the model year of your EZ-GO golf cart manufactured from 1979 & up (it’s the first two numbers if manufactured from 1976-1978). Where your manufacturer’s code is located generally tells you which EZGO model you have (i.e.: TXT, RXV, Marathon, etc.).

Where are E-Z-GO carts made?

Augusta, Ga
E-Z-GO vehicles are designed and manufactured in Augusta, Ga. by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company.

What does RXV stand for in EZGO golf cart?

EZGO launched the RXV models in the year 2008. The TXT golf carts date back to 1996 and its production by EZGO continued till 2013. For those not familiar with the acronyms, TXT is the acronym for Textron the company manufacturing these golf carts. RXV stands for Rear Crossview Mirror.

What is the difference between the EZGO golf carts?

In terms of speed, the EZGO PDS carts can reach speeds of 19 MPH while the EZGO Series golf carts are calibrated to run at only 12-14 MPH. The EZGO S4 golf cart is a lot longer than the regular EZGO TXT Freedom Gas model. The S4 has a length of 118-inches while the TXT Gas is just 93-inches in length.

When did the EZ GO freedom RXV 48V golf cart come out?

2010 E-Z-Go Freedom , For sale is a like new condition 2010 EZ-GO Freedom RXV 48V 4-seat golf cart. The cart was purchased from Capital Golf Carts, and refurbished by them in 2013.

How many batteries in a 48V EZGO golf cart?

There are usually six batteries of 8 volts each in a 48V EZGO TXT golf cart. This ensures that the batteries get charged quickly and even if one battery were to fail, it can be replaced. In the EZGO RXV golf carts, the stock configuration is 4 x 12 V batteries.

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